Women on Steroids

We get a lot of questions about women on steroids. The focal point of this article will be 2 things, 1 to show that Women on steroids can be extremely sexy and number 2 to speak about which anabolic steroids are the safest for women to take.

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We can’t do an article about Women on steroids without mentioning Anavar! One of the best anabolic steroids around and safest for women. Commonly used in ranges of 10mg to 20mg daily for periods of up to 12 weeks.
Anavar has great arthritic healing properties, it can help with loose skin to some degree, it dramatically raises collagen levels which helps joints and tendons heal! Add in the fact it doesn’t really bloat you and you can get some of the best lean muscular gains. No, you won’t become “Huge” on anavar but you will add a nice amount of muscle mass that can show off that sexy figure Ie think of a figure model.

As can be seen in the girl above she has completely kept her sex appeal and in fact take away the fact she has an amazing body and we probably wouldn’t even be talking about her. I’m sure you’d rather your girlfriend have a body like hers than the typical “skinny girl” look that’s in now unless you are insecure and intimidated by a stronger woman?

As you can see in photo 2 her leg development is smooth and her abs are incredible. She probably hasn’t used much more than NPP and anavar yes 2 very anabolic steroids but does she look “masculine” or manly? No she has kept all of her female sexuality and looks fantastic.

Girl in this photo is no way near as muscular but again has a decent amount of muscle and low body fat. She looks great and is surely a big user of “clen.” If you need any more information on clen be sure to check the article below.

How To Get A Bikini Body In Time For Summer

Earlier you saw me talk about “npp.” NPP is basically fast acting deca. Deca is a great steroid for women, however it is extremely long acting as we all know. NPP is the fast acting version and I actually prefer it for the female athlete over deca the reason for this is if you experience any negative side effects after three days it’s out of your system, unlike deca.
Again I highly recommend this anabolic steroid for women it also stacks perfectly with anavar or turinabol!

I mentioned clen earlier and I even redirected you to an article titled “Bikini body” which focuses highly on clen and how to use it to burn off as much fat as possible. We all love a great bikini body and let’s be honest if you go lay out with 6 pack abs and great sexy thighs everyone will want to be you, let alone the guys who want to be with you!

As photo 5 shows you can hold a lot of muscle and still be athletic. Anyone who says you can not be is talking pure and utter crap as shown in the photo above. Another steroid women tend to use if they want to add a lot of muscle mass is of course testosterone! Yikes! Did I mention that? Surely this turns women into gorillas? Actually no, it can add a lot of muscle mass for those wanting to be on the bigger size or lacking muscle size and is if used correctly not bad at all for side effects! I would however only use this once I was a bit more experienced and I recommend that to all my female athletes who wish to give it a try.

Human growth hormone

While not an anabolic steroid, nothing will melt fat off you faster and speed up recovery than human growth hormone will that’s for sure! One of the highest recommended items on this list if you can afford it. The results are SIMPLY stunning!

All of the anabolic steroids mentioned in this article can also be stacked together, Ie you can stack anavar and testosterone or testosterone and npp, or anavar npp, or hell all 3 together, (human growth hormone can always be added as it is completely different to the rest) Just decide and find out what works best for you and the results you want

Thank you for reading this article about Women on steroids. It was extremely fun to write and I hope you enjoyed the article (I’m sure you enjoyed the photos) and if you need any help or guidance be sure to join us on the forums below we are always there to help!

Oh and one last photo

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