Three Awesome Tips for Big Quads

Do you skip leg day? It’s a popular meme but it also hides a terrible truth; that an awfully large number of guys do in fact skip their leg day. And if you’re among them (you know who you are!) then you’re not only limiting your potential for growth but you’re also flaunting a completely disproportionate physique.

In other words, you probably look ridiculous…

But those leg day skippers kind of deserve what they get. They made their bed and now they’re just lying in it. The unfortunate victims here are the guys who don’t skip leg day… but still have weedy-looking legs! For many of us, the reason we’re tempted to skip on legs in the first place is simply that they don’t respond as well as other parts of the body. And this is particularly true for the quads which are notoriously hard to target.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Read on for three immensely profound tips that can transform your quad training.


Tip number one is to isolate those quads. While the web loves compounds and functional movements at the moment, the fact remains that if you want real definition and size you still need to be isolating. This is something that every single bodybuilder knows. Why do you think they’re still all doing curls and tricep kickbacks? If you want your quads to grow then you need to really focus on movements that target them individually. The same goes for every other muscle in your legs.

If you’re a bodybuilder then you probably commit entire days of your training program to work specific upper body muscles. So why would you think it’s okay to do all your lower body with a few moves?

Choose Wisely

So how do you isolate the quads? One way is by using obvious isolation exercises like leg extensions. At the same time though, you can also get more inventive and put a spin on some of your classic movements. For instance, how about doing front squats to put more effort into the quads? Or what about doing sissy squats?

Priority Training Principle

The priority training principle states that we should be training the priority muscles first. If your priority is your quads, that should go at the start of your session. This way you can tire them out so that they’ll work harder during your squats and other compound exercises. This is what’s known as ‘pre exhaustion’ and it’s an excellent tool for quads in particular.

So to put it all together, you should start your workout with some isolation quad work, then move on to some smart compound movements that put emphasis on your quads, and then finish up with some squats and deadlifts. Then watch those quads explode…

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