Mike Tyson Steroids

This is a real fun article for me to do. I was a big fan of Tyson’s career and a good friend of mine who was a professional boxer actually had his complete collection, even the rare training Videos and what not, so I know a lot about Mike Tyson.

First, do I think he was the greatest boxer to have ever lived? No, I don’t. I do, however, think he is one of the best fighters to have ever entered boxing; I believe he was a natural fighter and one of the best brawlers that has existed.

What made Mike Tyson so impressive was how long his fights lasted; it wasn’t common for them to last over 3 Rounds. Tyson was known for his early knockouts.

Another positive aspect about Mike Tyson was his incredibly large physique for a boxer. He was far more muscular and much stronger than the average boxer and this used to add to his intimidating his opponent, especially when you consider the reputation he’d built.

Mike Tyson Steroids Did he use them? Well this one is quite easy, yes, in my opinion, he did, in fact it’s highly speculated he was on Cheque drops.

Cheque drops is a common anabolic steroid used by fighters.

It’s perhaps one of the biggest steroids used in MMA, and I’d go as far as to say the UFC is in the exact same position.

While cheque drops are great for a fighter, IE they’ll increase your endurance and stamina dramatically, there is a down side: Aggression.

Sure, aggression is great. We all love a little bit of aggression, don’t we? Especially when we are fighting our opponents. I can promise you on cheque drops you’ll want to kill your opponent, beating him won’t be enough– you’ll want him dead.

What happened when Mike Tyson used them? He bit someone’s ear off, that’s what!
I support the use of anabolic steroids and would like to see most of them made legal. However that is most of them. I think something that can do what cheque drop does I am 50/50 on it, such as affecting your mind and can lead to someone killing or hurting a loved one or what not, I don’t think it’s worth the risks. Testosterone, Tren, Dianabol, Deca, anavar, Hell I could go on and on for at least another 300 lines about all the ones I prefer and find safer + they give you more benefits.

While I can see the appeal of Cheque drops I’d recommend it, not use it.

Mike Tyson Steroids is a great subject to discuss. A lot of people will condemn him for his steroid use but everyone else was on them too, the problem with someone like Mike Tyson is he’s already a ticking time bomb, so something like cheque drops is bound to set him off with relative ease.

Despite his steroid use, something we can’t doubt is he trained like an animal, he worked hard, and he kicked ass and we can’t take this away from him, nor should we try too.

Overall I am a huge fan of Mike Tyson’s training methods and I enjoyed writing this article.
Until next time, feel free to join in with the discussion by commenting below.



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