Anabolic Androgenic Steroids

First of all, let me give you a slight history of the anabolic androgenic steroids. So the history of steroids began in Germany in 1930, where Germany developed steroids to enhance athletic performance. Then in the 1950’s, US began to develop its very own type of steroid which is the dianabol. Then in 1990, the first act to prohibit the usage of anabolic androgenic steroids in the US and then in 2004 the act was enhanced to include what is called pro-hormones.

So what are anabolic androgenic steroids? They are a way of simulating the male growth hormones. If you simulate the male growth hormone, it will increase the amount of testosterone that you have in your body. If you increase the amount of testosterone in your body, you will have the increase of what is known as the protein synthesis and that means you are increasing the amount of cell tissue that you have.

If you are increasing the amount of cell tissue that you have, your muscles are going to get big and you are going to have bigger and stronger muscles. The anabolic androgenic steroids basically are increasing the size of the muscle and the strength. Metabolic on the other hand is type of steroid that increases your energy.

How is that we can have steroids or can get steroids which is supposedly illegal? In 2004, the ACT was passed, prohibits the sell and creation of steroids within the US for non-medical purposes. If you are out of the US or in another country where steroids are legal, you can go to some websites that sells steroids or you can buy steroids from other country and have them sent to your doorsteps. As long as you have a no more than 90 days of supply, then you should be within in a legal balance.

You can find steroids online, steroids like HGH, dianabol, and winstrol, they are all injection type of steroids. You can also find oral type of steroids as well. Another is the pro-hormones, they are not considerably a type of steroid, what they are basically that is added into your body to you bloodstream but then creates more testosterone or turns into a some form of male growth hormones which is then in steroid.

Typically, pro-hormones are the weaker steroids but they can still be ordered just the same as any other anabolic androgenic steroids that are out there.

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