Hulk Hogan Steroids

Ahh, the Legendary Hulk Hogan, The immortal!, Hulkamainia! One of the biggest icons from the 80’s Hulk Hogan. He represented the American way. He represented strength, courage, getting your dreams. He overcame the obstacles whether it was beating a 7 foot 6 inch tall giant weighing over 550lbs in Andre The Giant. He even did movies! Though nowhere near as successful as his counter part The Rock.

Hulk Hogan was part of arguably 2 of the biggest moments in wrestling history, 1 being Hulkamainia where he was a hero for everyone worldwide the other being the now or the “New World Order” in which Hulk Hogan betrayed the fans joining the biggest Stable in Wrestling history worldwide.

One thing Hogan has always kept even to this very day is his INCREDIBLE size and muscle mass. This has led to many people shouting out asking if he took anabolic steroids. Do you know what I do when these guys ask me? I slap them in the face and tell them to look things up for themselves.

Yes, Hulk Hogan has admitted to using steroids already, and of course he still uses them to this day.

During his days working for the WWE/WWF in the early 80’s his exact words were “I used to tell kids to be like Hulk Hogan all they had to do was say their prayers, drink their milk and take their vitamins… But truth be told I was taking a lot more than just vitamins”

His Favourite Steroid cycle was the much loved
Deca Cycle

This was a staple as is human growth hormone

Something I believe “Hulk Hogan” will be on all year round, growth hormone offers a lot of benefits for someone in Hulk Hogans position.

  1. It heals most arthritic problems, and gives a pain killing effect.
  2. It heals tendons and makes joints stronger.
  3. It greatly increases recovery time. And finally
  4. It will lead to losing a lot of fat and building muscle mass.

Add this in with the fact he probably uses anavar now instead of Dianabol to further increase the rate of healing tendons and joints in his body.

Testosterone and deca would build the pure strength and muscle mass required and voilà, you have a hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan Steroids is a question that’s always going to be asked as long as he’s alive and probably even after he’s dead.

But one thing I think is extremely important to remember is the fact that, despite using anabolic steroids, they did not do the work for him

This guy would travel 6 days out of 7 a week and be in the gym 6 days out of 7, even if he was in 6 different states that week! That counts for something, this type of determination and commitment.

His weight lifting routine consists of heavy deadlifts, heavy squats, heavy bench pressing, heavy over head press, heavy pull ups, etc. However later in life he has had to adjust due to the vast amount of injuries received over the years. Now he limits deadlifting to once per 2-3 weeks while focusing on rack pulls and hack squats, similar to how with squats he’ll use the leg press and squat just once per week. The bench press he says he’s been able to keep in with relative ease.

Hulk Hogan also eats an extremely healthy diet followed with some of the best supplements around such as whey protein, creatine etc. and we all know how the effects of creatine are dramatically increased when you use it with anabolic steroids.

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