5 Things You Need to Know Before Using Steroids

So you are curious about using steroids. I can’t blame you. With the dearth of information, you are more confused than enlightened. You might have heard about a someone using it, but you can’t ask him straight because you know it is taboo. And you are left wondering, what’s the buzz about steroids? There have been so many articles about warnings of side effects, yet you hear excited whispers about people using steroids and these users seem okay. So, what are the things to know before using steroids?

-1 Use Your Natural Genes First

When the professional bodybuilders, established trainers, and famous athletes tell you that they there are no shortcuts to being who and what they are, they are absolutely right. The same applies to you. Take no shortcuts. If you are aiming for a well-defined physique and well-ripped muscles, work your body out the natural way. Establish a physical workout and a healthy routine not just for a week, or a month, or a year, but for the longest time that you can. The body has natural bodybuilding genes so use them first without resorting to any supplements or steroids.

-2 Yes, There are Side Effects

Steroid is a drug, and like any other drugs, it has side effects. Knowing what these side effects are is necessary to keep you prepared. Understand as well that the more you use, the greater are your risks. Also, the side effects vary. Some users report no side effects, while others have serious ones. There are known side effects to the skin, breasts, heart, liver, reproductive organs, emotions, and sleep patterns. Some of the effects are reversible during off cycle while others are avoided by taking separate drugs. This is also the reason why when using steroids, it is done in stacks.

-3 Know Your Genes

We hear professional bodybuilders repeat over and over again that they owe their bodies to their genes. That is an absolutely right statement. Their bodies respond so well to steroids because their families have nature’s best genes. They do not have any history of diabetes, heart ailments, stroke, or hypertension, among others. To be sure that you are in a very healthy disposition, you need to have a full physical and medical work up. This routine should still and must be done when you are on steroids.

-4 Temper your Emotions

If you are disorganized and highly impulsive, using steroids is a drastic step of serious risk for you. If you are a hothead or have anger issues, using steroids is a big no-no. So, aside from being physically fit, you need to be emotionally stable as well. Mood swings are some of the side effects of using steroids which can worsen your temperament. Although there are only few cases of known roid rage, those who experienced it were not emotionally fit to start with in the first place.

-5 Maintain Your Purpose

If your profession or career relies primarily on strength or physique, and you plan on taking steroids so you can enhance your performance or looks, then remember that using steroids is simply one aspect of your life – not your whole life. Some users become abusers because even if they already have enduring strength, have performed mightily well, or have sculpted a very nice body, they lose sight of their achievements and tend to abuse the drug thinking that they can outperform their very own selves. So, before using steroids, define your goals first. You need to be a responsible and mature adult with a carefully laid plan so you can schedule and track your dosage, cycle, health, diet, and nutrition.

There really are no shortcuts. Although steroids can give you a boost, you have to prepare for years of physical and mental training first. Make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle before using steroids.

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