Fat Burning Steroids

Before we continue I’d like to point out that all the anabolic steroids mentioned here can be purchased from the link I am about to provide you with below.

Right, now that’s out of the way we’ll continue with the article, shall we!?

Another one we see all the time: “What are the best fat burning steroids?” Or “What steroids burn the most fat.”

Well, let me tell you right now, while anabolic steroids can have and some do have fat burning effects, none of this will occur if you have a terrible diet.

To lose fat you need to have a calorie deficit and be eating high protein, low carb and medium levels of fat. This is what achieves the greatest level of fat loss. If you want to keep carbs slightly higher I.e. medium level then you will need to use HIIT training to get the best results possible.

Anyway this article isn’t about guiding you on how to lose fat, I’m assuming you already know how to do this since you are trying to find the best fat burning steroid, this article is about learning what the best fat burning steroids are.

First we’ll start off with clen

Clen while not being an anabolic steroid it is a great fat burner that can be used with any steroid out there on a cutting cycle or even used without anabolic steroids to see the best fat loss results possible. How does work? It raises your body temperature allowing you to increase the rate you burn calories.

Now what type of results can you see? When used on a medium carb diet with HIIT training, let’s say you would normally burn off 2-3lbs of fat per week you will jump up to 4 or even 5lbs with this. Let’s say your goal is to lose 10lbs in 5 weeks with clen. It’s realistic to get it done in 3 weeks cutting, 2 weeks of agonizing dieting out. Perhaps you go the full 5 weeks and go to a lower body fat than you ever expected leading to even better results, either way, the choice is up to you.

How To Take Clen (liquid Clen dosage) (liquid Clen dosage)

Another one of the best Fat burning Steroids would be Anavar

Despite what some people say Anavar does have FAT burning properties and it is great for keeping muscle mass and increasing strength while on a cut.

Women tend to run anavar between 10 to 15mg, while I’ve seen some go to 25mg! I feel 10-15 is more than enough to hold on to as much muscle mass as possible while on a strict cutting diet. In fact a clen and anavar mix can give you some really fantastic results if you are a male or female!

Now for males they tend to run it in the 100mg area. Again, I’d stack it with clen (and probably testosterone too!) if I were you to get the best results possible.
Fat burning Steroids


Masteron is a great one to add to a steroid cycle to get that extra vascularity I prefer it over winstrol, it is safer has better results and less side effects (no bone or joint issues with this one!) add in with the fact you can look incredibly ripped and pumped all the time while on this steroid and you’ll see why I’m such a big fan of it. The washboard ab look is really great on this drug.

Finally, testosterone.

Testosterone should be included in most steroid cycles and it is great for holding on to as much muscle mass as possible, allowing you to recover quicker so you can hit the gym harder and quicker. Overall I highly recommend testosterone as a great fat burning steroid.

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