How To Take Clen (Clenbuterol)

How to take Clen? A great question, something I get asked a lot. Not only that, but how to take Clen is also commonly asked on many internet forums… And the worst thing about that is, it’s quite common to see terrible answers given to this question. I truly stress this. Some of the answers we find to this question are downright TERRIBLE.

If you were asking me the question on how to take Clen, do you want to know what I’d say to you? Well, first, I’d probably give you a blank look, I’d hold in the urge to make a sarcastic remark, and calmly ask you the question, “What are your goals?”

Yep. How the hell can we give you any good advice on how to take Clen, if we don’t know your goals?!

I’ll list the best ways on how to take Clen. I will tell you how to take Clen if you are a FEMALE, or how to take Clen if you are MALE. I will also do it based on your goals. Do you want to lose fat rapidly? Or perhaps you want to improve your running speed and/or time? Or maybe it’s neither of those, maybe you want to see some endurance like effects? You are a boxer or a MMA fighter wanting to go that extra round. Last that extra minute to outdo your opponent. Or perhaps you’re a soccer player? Whatever your goal, I’m going to give you the best advice possible on how to use Clen, and how to get the results YOU want and require as fast as possible.

For males, below is going to be an ideal fat burning solution that can be used to achieve great results.

I’m going to give you a layout below on how to take it. This is very effective for either first time, or experienced users of Clen. You might also want to check out my article on Clen with cardio for very fast fat loss.

How To Take Clen

First week: (Remember to take Clen first thing in the morning, within 30 minutes of waking up)
For Males:
Day 1 60MG
Day 2 60MG
Day 3 60MG
Day 4 80MG
Day 5 80MG
Day 6 80MG
Day 7 100MG
Day 8 100MG
Day 9 100MG
Day 10 120MG
Day 11 120MG
Day 12 120MG
Day 13 140MG
Day 14 140MG
Day 15 140MG
Day 16 160MG
Day 17 160MG
Day 18 160MG
Day 19 120MG
Day 20 120MG
Day 21 120MG
Day 22 80MG
Day 23 80MG
Day 24 80MG
Day 25 40MG

For females it is very similar the best way to take Clen, I’d prescribe you a dosage such as:

Day 1 20MG
Day 2 20MG
Day 3 20MG
Day 4 40MG
Day 5 40MG
Day 6 40MG
Day 7 60MG
Day 8 60MG
Day 9 60MG
Day 10 80MG
Day 11 80MG
Day 12 80MG
Day 13 60MG
Day 14 60MG
Day 15 60MG
Day 16 40MG
Day 17 40 MG
Day 18 40MG
Day 19 20MG
Day 20 20MG
Day 21 20MG

As you can see above, while the dosages are slightly lower, I’d still expect to see the same results as the males would. Depending on your starting weight you will lose more weight, of course. But 12lbs in 2 weeks is not unusual.

Males can go up to 180 MG daily, but I don’t really recommend it. I personally believe side effects over take the positive benefits. Women can go up to 100mg and probably not see any side effects. Go up to this if you can handle it, if not stick to 80 MG.

This is the best way to take Clen for fat loss. I’m not one for doing it for long periods. I’d take 2 to 3 weeks gap between each cycle. Why? Because your body gets use to it. I’ve seen this in all my athletes and all evidence points to this. After a certain period you will just stop losing weight and get no results. You won’t even see any energy increase. Lots of small cycles like this will give you better long term and short term results.

Now on to athletes wanting to use it to either improve endurance or speed. While it’s not dramatically different from the above, the little changes made here will make a large difference.

Let’s say, for example, you are having a cage fight. You want to improve your endurance, your speed, the longer you can train at the gym. What we’d do here is take Clen 80MG for males or 60MG for females about 30 minutes before our training session. That will allow you to fight for longer and train for longer.

Best ways to use it? Let’s say on your weight training day and general fitness training, you are fine. But you want a bit extra for pad work, or for sparring. You would take the Clen these days. Spar twice a week? Take it twice. Spar 3 times a week? Take it three. The idea is to only take it when you NEED it. To get that extra edge you need.

The same goes with a race.

If you want to get your sprint time up, take the same dosage 30 minutes before you begin doing sprints. You’ll run faster. If you’re doing long distance running, take it just as you start, if you are running 10 miles or more. The Clen will get into your system and allow you to run the rest of the race easier and faster.

I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have had on how to take Clen. If you want to ask any more leave them below in the comment section and I will do my best to answer these.

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