Serena Williams Steroids

Well this one has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? Serena Williams, one of the greatest female tennis players that has ever existed, and let’s be honest, she has muscle bigger than a lot of guys!Girls and guys love watching her for many reasons, I won’t mention why most guys do, though it’s probably do to the tight skirt she wears, but moving on!

The question of Serena Williams Steroids is a good one and it is asked all the time and so it should be. Does Serena Williams use steroids? In my opinion and the opinion of anyone who has a clue? Yes, she does but you probably knew that already before even reading this article!

Tennis has a huge “steroid problem” according to the experts. At this moment in time, I personally don’t see it as a problem. Has anyone died? Has anyone got hurt? Has the sport improved? Exactly. All positive aspects. No one has died, got hurt, the sport has improved. Therefore, who cares if anabolic steroids is involved?

She is a great athlete who spends hours training daily perfecting her technique, increasing her running ability and the ability to perform the way she does. Serena Williams also does heavy weight sessions not in the traditional sense a bodybuilder or power lifter, or even strong man would. Instead she focuses on performance increasing exercises. A lot of kettle bell work, such as kettle bell swings. A lot of over head press. She performs heavy squats, but also farmers walks and plenty of drills. In fact a lot of her training, while it revolves around heavy compounds, it’s based on complexes such as 15 reps kettle bell swings on each arm, followed by 15 reps of squats, followed by 15 reps pull ups etc. You get the idea. She uses a lot of explosive movements as it’s important she has high endurance and her work rate continues to increase at a rapid pace.

She trains this way 4 to 5 times per week and not only has it made her one of the best tennis players alive it has ridiculously improved her physique when you add in the anabolic steroids of course.

What steroids has Serena Wiliams used? As can be seen in her stomach she has obviously used Human growth hormone, and I’d go as far as to say she uses this whole year round which is understandable. It allows her to eat more calories while staying lean and recover faster which are all important for an athlete and her performance.

Finally, I believe she’ll have used Testosterone in moderate form to allow her to increase strength levels similar to how a male athlete would.

Anabolic steroids such as anavar will also be used from time to time to help with injury repair which is something human growth hormone does. Increase in recovery time and lean muscle mass.

Overall we have Serena Williams one of the greatest tennis players of all time and one of the hardest workers. If you’ve ever watched her against her sister you know just how competitive these guys are and how hard these girls train. While some will yell out “But they use steroids but!!” so do all the others. If these use them better, train better, and work harder, is it their fault? No, it’s not. We demand the highest performance from these athletes man or woman alike. It doesn’t matter to the general public how they do it, simply that they do.

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