Female Anavar Results

This article is for those of you who enjoyed my previous article Anavar Results In this one I’ll start it off with a Female Anavar cycle a client of mine used.

She had been overweight for years and wanted to fix it. When she came to me she was 5’6 at a weight of 200lbs of pure flab. Unfortunately for her she didn’t have the “breasts” Even that went with it the weight really was all on her stomach!

At first she began to train naturally as you’d expect. We had her on a basic routine training 4 times per week full body and we dropped her down to 135lbs with little to no loose skin.

From here on she told me how she loved the changes her body was making and she’d love to look like one of those figure models. We upped her training to 6 times per week, 4 days weights, 2 days cardio before I added in Anavar at 20mg daily for 8 weeks. Her results? Around 10lbs of lean muscle added to those thighs, Arms, and of course ass. While she certainly lost even more fat.

She looked incredible! And even got asked to do erotic photoshoots (something she loved doing) The rest is history she’s since got her breasts made bigger and competes on stage as well as making money from her modelling she’s living the life and dream.

The point is she got most of her results from pure hard work.

However when she added in Anavar she was able to take what was already an extraordinary transformation to the next level she looked like a Goddess and did truly fantastic.

Basic advice?

20MG of anavar daily for 8 weeks with a Good diet can be used for building muscle or losing fat depending on your goals.

Next up a common question when looking at Anavar results is can Anavar is how effective is Anavar for sports?

Extremely effective would be the correct word!

Let’s take a look and say you are a wrestler. You are competing in a weight class and need to be as strong and as fast as possible, with a great amount of endurance. By Supplementing anavar at say 60mg per day you will produce more muscle and burn more fat, Anavar gives EXCELLENT increases in strength. So let’s say you are in the 70kg category, you may start off at 70kg and 12 body fat, with a deadlift of 450lbs, and a bench press of 250lns. With this cycle it’s likely to get you in the 70kg class but with a body fat percentage of 7% a bench press of 285lbs, and a 500lb deadlift.

Not to imagine how much faster and stronger you will be.

As you can see I know plenty of guys who compete in Olympic lifting, Wrestling, boxing , martial arts, American football, Rugby, Baseball and all of these guys use anavar to get the results they require.

Anavar is a top anabolic steroid!

Until next time thanks for reading and be sure to comment below!

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