Does Jogging Build Muscle

First off we get asked if does walking build muscle, which I’ve already slapped on my self on the head with in anger and wanted to well to be frank destroy everyone who asked that.

What kind of idiot asks such a dumb question? If it did we’d all be like competitive bodybuilders, or sexy female figure models wouldn’t we?

No building muscle requires working hard!

Now, I get asked Does jogging build muscle

My answer to this?

DUMB ASS if you want to build muscle why don’t you damn well pick a sport that is known for doing so? I mean if you do martial arts, you train to be the best martial artist possible, if you eat well and train well you’ll build some muscle yeah, but nothing compared to a bodybuilder!

Likewise if a powerlifter trains his ass off to lift as much weight as possible but eats well and trains to perfection he will be huge! But not as huge as a bodybuilder! And it’ll take longer to build muscle, because he cares about strength.

So instead of asking idiotic questions like Does jogging build muscle why not ask a logical one, mhm I want muscle right? Right… yeah I do….

So why don’t I go out and lift some heavy weights train like a bodybuilder and build muscle?

Oh I’m a girl? Oh shut up, my girlfriend squats 400lbs, a lot of the sexiest women in the world train with weights 4-5 times per week, weights MAKE you lean, weights make your legs look great, it takes a hell of a lot of work even with the best steroids to look “manly” you see all those sexy girls we have on this site? Hardly any of them look “masculine” do they? No, and yeah all the guys want to sleep with them.

And if you’re a guy who is asking Does jogging build muscle then you deserve the biggest, and I mean the biggest slap in the face.

Squats, deadlifts, bench press, over head press, wide grip pull ups, chin ups, weighted dips, bent over rows, kroc rows, close grip bench press, hell any dumbbell or barbell exercise can build muscle but no Does jogging build muscle gets asked to me?!?

Want to know the answer to Does jogging build muscle it’s A BIG NO, no it can damn well not build muscle, no it will never build muscle because it is absolutely bloody useless for doing so, infact jogging really is useless, long distance running has been proven to make you HOLD onto fat and cause LOOSE skin! Unlike it’s sexy cousin sprinting, which is shown to build muscle and burn fat!

So no I’m sorry if this seems harsh but the answer to your question does jogging build muscle is of course no.

However if you want to learn about building muscle stay on our website!

We are always here to help and provide as much useful information as possible

Until next time thank you for reading and take care

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