Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Build muscle fast

This is something everyone wants to do. I mean, hell, who wants to build muscle slow?

But seriously, I’m going to discuss the best anabolic steroids to use if your goal is to build muscle fast than these are the goodies you will want to be using.

First off before we go any further I want to point out that everything that I mention in this article including those I do not can all be purchased and bought directly from the link below.

The first anabolic steroid on this list is of course Testosterone

Testosterone is the king hormone, I recommend starting at 500mg every 5 days and using Testosterone enthanate if you wish to build muscle fast.

It is an extremely effective anabolic steroid giving up to 20-25lbs of muscle mass while giving some fat loss to first time users over a 16 week period.

The other positive aspect about testosterone is you can mix numerous other anabolic steroids with it. The test and deca cycle dosage of 400 mg for example is a cycle that has got more and more popular since the 80’s guys such as Arnold, Hulk Hogan were all big fans of this anabolic steroid and love it, as do I. This mixture tends to lead to muscle gains of up to 30lbs and the strength gains in my honest opinion are SECOND to none, they really are fantastic and absolutely incredible.

Likewise you can go a step further by adding an oral

Some like to do a Test and Dbol cycle which is perfect, but you can even do a testosterone, deca, dianabol cycle which would look like this

Testosterone for 18 weeks at 750mg every 5 days

Deca for 16 weeks at 500mg every 5 days

Dianabol at 40mg daily for 6 weeks.

This cycle is brilliant for anyone who is really serious about their training and piling on the muscle!

Yes it will build muscle fast, but another aspect I really love about it is you get strong as hell. Honestly, your training would have to be atrocious to not be able to get strong or build muscle when using these substances.

This is not to say you should eat bad or do anything different.

In fact, anyone with any common sense will know that when on an anabolic steroid cycle you should up your calories accordingly (if you are bulking of course) and make sure you eat MORE high quality protein, essential fats, and of course Carbohydrates.

So try it out, if you want to build muscle fast give a basic testosterone only cycle ago! Once that goes try out a few of the other ones, we have PLENTY of articles on all the different anabolic steroid cycles you can do.

Until next time thank you and be sure to comment below.

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