Carrot Top Steroids

This one is a strange one, one of the (sorry to be blunt and crude here) ugliest celebrities of his time. I was more surprised than many when he began to take anabolic steroids and bulk up. He’s not really going to improve his looks dramatically or his career.

He did “whacky” comedian stuff, or so he claims when asked to describe his career. This was one of his most common answers.

“I do whacky comedian stuff”

Lifting weights on a 5 day split he focused mainly on the compound movements such as the squat, deadlift, over head press, bench press, Pullups and chin-ups. He was also known for doing Isolation movements such as barbell curls and tricep extensions along with his love of the “Pec dec” an absolutely terrible and over rated machine, in all honesty!

Carrot Top was one of the smallest guys around sporting a very small frame. However with a bit of time and effort in the gym and some extra “juice” Carrot top dramatically increased his size.

Why do I think he used anabolic steroids? Well, read below and find out.

The reason I believe Carrot Top used steroids is simple, have you seen his workout video? In this video he tries to claim he got this way from eating well and lifting heavy and does his own diet. This is fine until he gets asked for a good source of protein or some of his favourite protein sources and he is “confused” as to what protein comes from. Yes… It gets worse though, he admits he doesn’t know how to do many of the lifts without his “coach” with him. These are basic machine lifts too, by the way.

With that being said, how the hell could this guy get so vascular with the knowledge he is obviously limited with.

Even with the best personal trainer carrot top is known as being “lazy” and unintelligent. I’m not trying to tear the guy apart but he isn’t a bodybuilder despite looking like one, I was told by a reliable source the “steroids” this guy uses and honestly if it’s true then I don’t know what to say. The dosages were extremely high and he should have been MUCH larger than he was, but it does go into place that he used higher and possibly dangerous dosages to cover up his lack of knowledge and training effort.

Overall, I’m still unsure as to why Carrot Top Steroids is such a talked about subject, despite having a good body, there’s many more with a better one and it was simply a publicity stunt to generate him as much money as it did.

Granted it was obviously a good stunt since so many still talk about Carrot Top Steroids to this very day! I can’t really slam the guy for it.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Carrot Top Steroids and we’ll do more like it on your favorite celebrities, until next time be sure to comment below!

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