Anabolic steroids Why the Bad Rep

Something that has really bothered me about anabolic steroids is the amount of “bad rep” they seem to be getting more and more lately. Hell, this has been in for years, but what I don’t get is the following, anabolic steroid usage is seen as “cheating” in most people’s eyes.

I remember my uncle telling me how if his favourite soccer player was caught with anabolic steroids he’d disown him and never cheer him on again. The same player was then in a cup final and he “used his hand” which is against the rules obviously to punch the ball into the next cheating and winning the match, but this was fine because it was cheating to win…

Wait a minute what is the difference…?

If he takes anabolic steroids to improve his speed and work rate he has to spend hours upon hours training still and work ridiculously hard, if everyone is on them, the only thing that happens is the playing field is even but they all perform to a MUCH higher level…

So what is the issue here regarding him “cheating.” Isn’t breaking the rules cheating too..?

Why is anabolic steroids so much worse? My uncle also tells a story about how at the end of a game in his professional career he injured another player breaking the rules and getting a 7 match suspension so they’d win the cup final and he’d go on to “glory” but this is somehow not as bad as the usage of anabolic steroids?

I remember when he found out his step son was using anabolic steroids, he actually threw him out of the house and they had a complete over the top argument. The funny thing is my uncle would drink alcohol so bad he was accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl, this was then later dropped in court when the girl admitted it was made up.

The problem? He was so drunk he had no idea if he HAD tried to have it off with her or hadn’t and could NOT deny the story! Yet again, anabolic steroids are worse than this?

He also allowed his son to do cocaine and other drugs in his house but when his step son did anabolic steroids it was worse.

This runs in life now and is ridiculous the media especially in the USA, portrays anabolic steroids as these dangerous substances that we all know is untrue, as soon as a doctor comes out and says “there is health benefits” or they really aren’t that dangerous, this information is ignored.

Despite the fact it’s legal for someone over the age of 50, to use anabolic steroids and is seen as “Healthy” this is ignored time and time again.

I’ve posted videos on this website with doctors from Yale agreeing they are safe, doctors from oxford, but this is ignored every single time, I’ve even had people say “well they might be a good doctor but they are wrong here.”

It’s idiotic and people need to take a look at theirselves and get educated.

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