AMAZING Trenbolone Acetate Results and User Reviews

Whether it’s an amateur or professional athlete or bodybuilder, practically everyone seriously involved in sports wants a steroid like Trenbolone Acetate that offers optimum results without a lot of negative side effects. This is why it’s so important to know exactly how certain steroids function in the body. This information helps the user control the effects when needed as well as determine the best dosage for maximum Trenbolone Acetate results.

Tren A is known in the industry as the perfect drug for providing bodybuilders a way to burn excess fat and add muscle mass and is easily acquired from underground labs. However this would not be a good choice for professional athletes who are required to undergo drug testing prior to competing.

Trenbolone Acetate Results

Trenbolone Acetate would be the recommended option for bodybuilders who want to gain strength and quality muscle mass. Due to Acetate ester being present in this testosterone compound, it’s the perfect steroid for use in the bulking phase of a cycle. This is for the most part due to the anabolic effect of this steroid, which is known to be five times stronger than Testosterone.

Another reason is because when it converts into estrogen it does not affect the functions of the body. This allows the user to be free of the risk of having estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, or swollen breasts in men. It also avoids the risk of accumulating water or fluid in the muscle tissue during a cycle.

Trenbolone has been shown to be an extremely powerful androgen with strong anabolic properties. It is among the most popular steroids used for quickly developing strength as well as firm muscle fibers. Due to its ability to provide quick results, Trenbolone Acetate is in great demand. The anabolic properties of this drug compare to the better known compounds used for bulking like Dianabol or Testosterone.

However there is a very important distinction in that Trenbolone does not aromatize into estrogen in the body. This makes this steroid very unique simply because most other bulking steroids do aromatize into estrogen to one extent or another, when ingested during the cycle which can result in estrogen related problems.

Usage of Tren in Bodybuilding

In order to control possible side effects, users sometimes take a weaker steroid, which brings about weak muscle growth, but with Trenbolone Acetate, this isn’t the case. The user has no need to take a weaker dosage, as Trenbolone poses no risk of negative estrogenic side effects and it very rapidly helps develop quality muscle mass and strength. Our recommendations for the best Trenbolone stacks and cycle dosages here.

Trenbolone can render a highly defined and ripped appearance to the user as long as the level of fat in the body is low. The muscle mass gained won’t have a bloated look due to water retention like happens with other steroids that have strong anabolic properties.

Trenbolone offers another great benefit when administered during muscle training. Because it has a high level of androgen it speeds up the process of burning excess fat in the body. When this steroid is ingested it assists in burning the adipose tissue that has been accumulating and does this very quickly so that the user ends up with a very defined and chiseled physique.

And an added bonus is that this can happen without extreme dieting of any sort. This means that Trenbolone Acetate results are perfect for bodybuilders who are mainly focused on achieving firm musculature so that they can compete at the top.

Dosage Cycles and Time Until Results

The recommended dosage of this drug is between 37.5mg to 75mg per day. Bodybuilders who take this drug regularly may very well find it indispensable. Because Trenbolone has such an effect on the natural production of testosterone in the body, it is critical that following its use a stimulating compound is used such as Clomid, HCG or Nolvadex. This should be taken as post cycle therapy.

Without this post cycle therapy it could take the body an extended period of time to reach it’s normal hormonal balance. Because of the testes atrophied state they may not have the ability to initially respond normally when the output of endogenous gonadotropins resumes.

Negative Results of Trenbolone Acetate

Although Trenbolone is a non-estrogenic steroid, it does have some negative side effects if taken in very high doses over a long duration:

• Acne
• Enlarged prostate
• Hair loss
• Testicular atrophy
• Sexual dysfunction

With regard to sexual dysfunction, this happens in very extreme cases due to the steroid causing a dramatic lowering of natural testosterone levels in the body.

Because Trenbolone won’t convert into estrogen, there is no need to worry about Gynecomastia. There is also no requirement to take any anti-estrogen compound in order to fend off the effects of estrogen if the user is only taking this drug during their cycle.

Is Tren A Safe for Women?

Trenbolone is stronger in terms of potency than Testosterone and the effects on the body are nearly three times as strong, with them increasing on a milligram per milligram basis. This means that there is likely to be some androgenic side effects:

• Acne
• Aggressive behavior
• Hair loss
• Oily skin

Trenbolone is not recommended for women due to its androgenic nature and of course its potency. It can cause a big increase in the risk of side effects due to virilization. Anavar (Oxandrolone) may be better for women.

Stacking Trenbolone for Bulking

Trenbolone is a very potent steroid, even when used by alone, but professional bodybuilders often combine it with certain other steroids trying to increase their results. When used in combination with other steroids this does increase muscle firmness and density. To create a stronger stack use compounds like Testosterone or Dianabol for increased gains. For extra strength, it is recommended that you take an anabolic like Deca-Durabolin which will greatly increase Trenbolone Acetate results for bulking. This steroid is readily available from just about any online pharmacy. You can purchase Trenbolone with or without a prescription.


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  1. I have never seen such significant gains as I have to do in Trenbalone and I kept all the muscle after but it was not at all worth it my health declined I have high cholesterol and liver problems now which I never had in my life after one cycle of trenbalone acetate.


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