Oxandrolone Anavar Lonavar Steroid Cycle Dosage Side Effects

The active chemical substance: Oxandrolone
The commercial denomination:
Anavar/out of market/ 2,5mg/lozenge;
Anatrophill/ out of market / 2,5mg/ lozenge;
Lipidex 2,5mg/ lozenge;
Lonavar/ out of market / 2,5mg/ lozenge ;
Oxandrolone SPA 2,5mg/ lozenge;

The Oxandrolone steroid appeared in SUA in 1964, under “Anavar” denomination and produced by “Serl” firm. It’s a delicate steroid with a weak androgen component. It had been observed that if this concoction is used in reasonable doses, it hasn’t any side effect, because it was initially produced for women and children. Is one of the few steroids which doesn’t provoke the premature retardation of kids corporeal development because it doesn’t concurs to epiphysis closing conjunctions. Accordingly, the concoction is used in medicine for children to stimulate the growing and for women to treat the osteoporosis.

The concoction provokes very weak masculinity symptoms. This quality makes it very effective for women, because for 10-15 mg a day dose can’t be observed exterior masculine effects.
The bodybuilders and the powerlifters prefer the Oxandralon. It helps to consolidate their force in a speedy way because it provokes the creatinphosphat’s synthesis in muscular cells and it doesn’t accumulates liquids.

The weightlifters who don’t want to be included in a high category use this concoction because it increase their force without increasing their weight in the same time.

The daily combination of Oxandrolone steroid and 10-12 mg of Halotestin had been proven to be very effective because its utilization gives musculature a more inflexible aspect.
The daily combination of Oxandrolone and 120-140 mg of Clenbuterol helps to obtain good results too.

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Oxandrolone steroid doesn’t increase the musculature, but it augments the other steroids effects on the organism. The concoction is combined with Deca-Durabolin, with Dinabolon and with others Testosterone’s derived which accumulate liquids and assure the considerable musculature increase . A daily combination of 200 mg of Deca-Durabolin, 500 mg of Testosterone Enantat and 25 mg of Oxandrolone helps most of the athletes to increase their weight and their force.

The Deca-Durabolin has an anabolic effect more pronounced and stimulates the proteins synthesis, the Oxandrolone increases the force and the Testosterone makes athletes more aggressive during the trainings and increases the regeneration speed.
Another reason of which the Oxandrolone is used, is that the concoction doesn’t aromatize no matter how big is the dose.

As we mentioned earlier, a big part of blood testosterone is transformed in estrogens. After Oxandrolone’s utilization, the musculature will not have an aqueous aspect; that’s why the concoction is supposed to be very effective for trainings before competitions. During those trainings, it’s very important to maintain the estrogens to a diminishing level because the estrogens provoke the liquid accumulation in the organism even if athletes have a less calories diet. In combination with the diet, the Oxandrolone helps to obtain a strong and elastic musculature. Although the concoction doesn’t help to fats burning, it has a complementary role because it diminishing the appetite.

Oxandrolone steroid can provoke the ponderous stomach sensation and nausea sensations if the pastilles are used during the meals.
Pursuant to Italian prospect, the concoction has a big influence on digestive tract (some athletes have regular diarrhea).
Although isn’t a pleasant phenomenon, the concoction helps athletes to burn the fats and gives body slenderness.

Those who trains for competitions or those who are very interested of musculature quality should combine the Oxandrolone with steroids such as Winstrol, Parabolan, Masteron, Primobolan or Testosterone Propionat.
The combination of 50 mg a day, 50 mg of Testosterone Propionat at every two days and 25 mg of Oxandrolone a day it’s very effective for these aims.

It had been demonstrated that athletes who have an increased arterial tension caused by androgen steroids or those who have ginaecomasthy will not have any problem with Oxandrolone because it doesn’t aromatize. The combination of Oxandrolone with Deca-Durabolin is for some athletes the best choice in case they face problems because of others steroids utilization (Testosterones, Dianabol, Anapolon 50). The Oxandrolone is also recommended because it is a chemical substance which doesn’t influence the generation of specific hormones in organism.

During the Oxandrolone’s utilization, the testicles don’t signalize the diminution or the interruption of hormones production, which delivers gonadtrophines and luteinisation hormone. This specific quality of Oxandrolone is possible because the active chemical substance isn’t aromatized in estrogens.

Doctor Mauro de Pascuale says: “ ..it is supposed that the estrogens which appear because of the testosterone aromatization and because of other anabolic steroids diminish the luteinesation hormone’s secretion from brain and hypothalamus and the testosterone generation too” (“The side effects of anabolic steroids – facts, fictions and treatment”) . The American doctor Dr Robert Kerr confirms this in “ The practical anabolic steroids utilization of athletes”: “If a healthy man uses Oxandrolone (Anavar) in augmented doses, he will not diminish the spermatozoon quantity and the sperm quantity will not be transformed in estrogens.” .

That’s why the Oxandrolone is very well combined even with 240 mg a day of Andriol, isn’t aromatized and the hormones secretion in the organism isn’t affected. The daily utilization of 280 mg Andriol with 25 mg Oxandrolone can increase the force and for the beginners can increase the musculature without a significant water accumulation or a seriously affectation of specific testosterone generation.

When it comes from Oxandrolone, good results are obtained through utilization of 8-12 pastilles for mans and 5-6 pastilles for women. It has been practically confirmed that the utilization rule is 0.25 mg of concoction/1 kilo from sporter’s weight. Usually, the pastilles are used 2-3 times a day after the meal and this way the active chemical substance from the concoction is totally absorbed.

Those who have digestive tract problems should take the pastilles 1 or 2 hours after the meal or they should give up on taking them. Lots of athletes use Oxandrolone for a long time because isn’t very toxic and it hasn’t side effects. But it shouldn’t be used for a long time without a pause because as well as the others oral steroids is alchilat 17-alfa and it has influences on the liver.

The Oxandrolone steroid is a spread concoction and it is often used of women bodybuilders. Women who are sensitive to anabolic steroids can obtain good results if they combine it with Primobolan or/and with Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol dosage); this way the masculine phenomenon can’t appear. However, women shouldn’t use this concoction in doses bigger than 6 pastilles a day, otherwise side effects such as acne, voice thickening, clitoris hypertrophy or hairiness could appear.

The main disadvantage of this concoction is the big price. The Italian Oxandrolone, supplied on the Russian market (30 pastilles of 2.5 mg) has a medium price of 25-30$ . There is a possibility for Oxandrolone to become more accessible for Russian athletes, because a Chinese firm (“Hubei Huangsi Pharmaceuticals”) will produce its own Oxandrolone in pastilles of 5 mg which will have a calculated price of 40$/blister (30 pastilles). The “B.M Pharmaceuticals” Indian firm started the production of injectable Oxandrolone – the Oxandrolon eject product of 10 mg/phial.

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