6 pack abs and their role in the Media, Movies and Today’s Generation

Now, I know what you are thinking: And the answer is: No! This is not your typical article on how real men just bulk. It will focus on 6 pack abs, how they are portrayed in the media, and how you, yourself, with the right supplements, can attain a 6pack.

First off, what are your goals? There’s a bit of vanity in everyone. Are they to look better than the general public? Is it to get plenty of action when you go out on a Friday night? Is it to impress your girlfriend or wife? Something you can show off to your friends? Whatever your reason is; There’s no harm in wanting to look good.

Like it or not, 6 pack abs are now the focal point in todays society of a “muscular” man.

To another male, a huge chest and bulging biceps, or thunderous thighs can send out a message of intimidation and strength.

However, to most women, at this moment in time, due to the way the media portrays, it the 6 pack really is the “king” of muscular definition.

So why is the 6pac so important? What signals does it send out? Why do women find it so attractive? And how can you, yourself, get a 6pack of your own that will have your woman turning off the TV and turning you on. If you want these questions answered, and more keep reading.
Let’s start with why so many women go “gaga” over the 6pack. To start with, we will take a look at how the 6pack is shown in the media today.

Celebrities. Whenever you switch on the TV, what’s the first thing you see? You see some guy in the movie you are watching who has 6 pack abs. How many of you have been watching the new Justin Timberlake film [for instance] with a female friend (or a male, in some cases– we dont judge here) and your own girlfriend/wife has said “look at him” “he is so muscular!” or the worst of the worst? “Why dont you have a body like that?”

You look at him? Ha! Your arms are bigger then his– Chest and back too. Unfortunatly, though, so is your stomach… And, this is where the problem begins. You have a shirt on and you look like you lift weights. He has a shirt on and doesn’t look like he lifts weights. He takes his shirt off and the girl’s tongue’s drop out of their mouths and fall at to their feet. Taylor Lautner from Twilight? Brad Pitt, Fight Club, ring any bells?

What do these 2 two actors have in common? They both have 6 pack abs and are both extremely low body fat. They also both have a lot of money, but this article does not promise you money. Though, your chance at getting a modelling contract could go up. Moving on… What else do they have in common? without a shirt on you’d never guess they lifted weights.

So what is it that forces women to look at these guys over you? It’s simple. It’s thrown in their faces whereever you go. Magazines, TV, no matter where it is, the guy who has the sex appeal is the one with the best 6 pack.

A few days, I went to see the new Twilight film with my girlfriend. After the film, half of her friend couldn’t stop raving about Taylor Lautner’s 6pac, and the other half (the “Edward” fans) couldn’t stop fanning themselves over Edward’s 6pac.

But let’s talk about Taylor Lautner– He’s constantly being used as a sex symbol. When he first started filming for Twilight he was around 110lbs and very skinny. In fact, he was originially going to be replaced for the second film, due to not being muscular enough for the lead.

He knew what he had to do. To keep his role in this franchise, he had to dramatically change his body. He set his mind to making a complete body change and he did it within 9 months.

So if he can do this, what is stopping you?

Girls love to run their hands down a nice firm 6pack.

Your girl will no longer say “why dont you look like that?” Instead, she’ll be showing you off and telling you “he doesn’t look as good as you!”

Below I’ll outline a good cycle that can be used to get the 6 pack in ULTRA quick time. (this is something I believe individuals such as Taylor Lautner or Brad Pitt) would use to get these results. A lot of my own clients have got these results in VERY quick time.

First we need a rough idea of the body fat levels you are. 15% 20%? 25%+

If you are at the level of 25% I would recomend just starting off with a simple CLEN cycle, which I’ll outline below. Bare in mind, you should be using this along with a very good cardio and diet routine, plus, of course, resistance training. If you get the other 3 right, you can lose around 4/5lbs of fat per week with this. I cannot stress enough, you need to be doing EVERYTHING right. But trust me, it’s a lot easier to stay at a low body fat then it is to get there.

Below is a simple Clen only cycle i’d recomend for someone at 20% body fat.

First week. (Remember to take clen first thing in the morning. within 30 minutes of getting up)

Day 1 60MG
Day 2 60MG
Day 3 60MG
Day 4 80MG
Day 5 80MG
Day 6 80MG
Day 7 100mg
Day 8 100mg
day 9 100mg
Day 10 120MG
Day 11 120MG
Day 12 120MG
Day 13 140MG
day 14 140MG
Day 15 140mg
Day 16 160MG
Day 17 160mg
Day 18 160MG
Day 19 120MG
Day 20 120MG
Day 21 120MG
Day 22 80MG
Day 23 80MG
Day 24 80MG
Day 25 40MG

And there you have it – a simple 25 day plan. I’m going to say the best and worst results I’ve seen with this. For the Average Joe, whose actually worked hard, I’ve seen, at the best, a reduction of body fat from 20% down to 12%. At the other end of the scale, I saw someone drop to 16% from 20% (they were sick and missed 8 days worth of training) But as you can see, even then they still saw dramatic weight loss.

A lot of people will question the high dose at the end, along with the low doses and “drop down period.”

A lot of people argue, is it needed? Do you need to drop down? How could it still be effective? I wont go into the science behind this I will just give you real life results.

And you can ask anyone who has taken clen and seen good results, any competitive bodybuilder, athlete. or most models for that matter. I know quite a few models who use this routine to get a 6pac in quick succession. Though, they never really go above 14% body fat.

But I’ve always seen BETTER results dropping down in increments rather than just simply dropping down the dosage. Myself, and many others I’ve coached. [100s of people] By tapering down this way, you will usually see an extra 2-3 pounds of fat loss, than if you just stop taking the clen. I’ve also found it much easier to stop the fat from RETURNING this way.

In the 15% Body fat levels?

We’ll use the same one above with a twist. We are going to add some Winstrol to the mix, which will do a few things.

  1. It will allow hardening of the muscles so we appear even larger than we are.
    2.. No matter what anyone says it DOES aid in the fat loss process, and will be the difference in another 1% to 3% Of fat loss.

Now, I know what you are thinking! 1-3% of body fat is not that huge of a drop. Well, combine this with the 5 to 7% you’ll get from the clen and you’ll see why. Started at 15%? The clen causes you to lose 5% and then the winstrol kicks in and adds another 3%. You are now at 7% body fat! Your 6pack will noticeably stand out to the public! Not only this, but your skin will tighten showing off all the curves on your chest and your biceps will be bulging out, add this with the 5/6lbs of LEAN body mass you will get from the Winstrol. Combine all this with the hardening of the muscles and guess what? You are going to look every bit as good (if not better!), than Taylor Lautner looked. If you already have a good base to build off of, you should look noticeably better in all the right areas.

I will say, once again, this SECOND cycle is not something I would do unless I had 2/3 years of bodybuilding under my belt. This is more for the advanced trainee looking for an edge. It is VERY good for models and I’ve used it with many models to great success in the past. I am going to end this with listing below the exact winstrol cycle I’ve used with models to go with the clen for that “extra edge,”

The Clen cycle is exactly the same as the above. The twist is to add some winstrol.

The dose will revolve around 100mgs being injected every OTHER day. So your cycle would look like:

Day 1 Clen: 60MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 2 60MG
Day 3 60MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 4 80MG
Day 5 80MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 6 80MG
Day 7 100mg Winstrol: 100MG
Day 8 100mg
day 9 100mg Winstrol: 100MG
Day 10 120MG
Day 11 120MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 12 120MG
Day 13 140MG Winstrol: 100MG
day 14 140MG
Day 15 140mg Winstrol: 100MG
Day 16 160MG
Day 17 160mg Winstrol: 100MG
Day 18 160MG
Day 19 120MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 20 120MG
Day 21 120MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 22 80MG
Day 23 80MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 24 80MG
Day 25 40MG Winstrol: 100MG
Day 26 Off
day 27 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 28 off
Day 29 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 30 off
Day 31 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 32 off
Day 33 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 34 off
Day 35 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 36
Day 37 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 38
Day 39 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 40
Day 41 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 42
Day 43 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 44
Day 45 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 46
Day 47 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 48
Day 49 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 50
Day 51 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 52
Day 53 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 54
Day 55 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 56
Day 57 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 58
Day 59 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 60
Day 61 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 62
Day 63 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 64
Day 65 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 66
Day 67 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 68
Day 69 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 70
Day 71 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 72
Day 73 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 74
Day 75 Winstrol: 100MG
dAY 76
dAY 77 Winstrol: 100MG
dAY 78
Day 79 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 80
Day 81 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 82
Day 83 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 84
Day 85 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 86
Day 87 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 88
Day 89 Winstrol: 100MG
Day 90 End.

And thats it. a Good PCT should follow.

And if you are doing an oral cycle rather than injectable. Just do the first 60 days. I’m sure you don’t need me to recopy the first 60 days. (if you do you shouldn’t be doing steroids in the first place)

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