What Does It Take to Become a Mr. Olympia

It’s no secret that having as much muscle as a Mr. Olympia is not easy , most people will think that having a body like Ronnie Coleman is impossible and therefore all the pictures online are fake, well, if you’re a hardcore bodybuilder you of all people know that a Mr. Olympia’s physique resembles Photoshop but it is anything but that.

Most people view a Mr. Olympia physique in awe while others think it’s just stupid or even disgusting to get that big, well, there’s that 5% like us that dream to have a physique as close to a Mr. Olympia as possible even if we’re talking 70’s, 80’s or 90’s Physiques like Schwarzenegger’s, Haney’s and Yates, earning a physique like that can be a pretty complicate task, less than 1% of bodybuilders out there achieve that level of development and here we explain why.


Muscle building isn’t complicated even though most people try to make it that way (Crossfitters), Mr. Olympia’s had to start somewhere so they weren’t always this smart when it came to training, every single Mr. Olympia out there ranging from Larry Scott to today’s champ Phil Heath, started training with free weights and compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, dumbbell curls etc.

The main purpose of going to the gym is to injure the muscle to make it grow bigger and stronger, that said, you want to train till you can’t get up the next day and then do it all over again. Remember that training hard and smart are two different things, you want to train as heavy and intense as possible but also keep everything controlled, do proper form and avoid injury as much as possible, a good example of this is Jay Cutler training vs. Branch Warren Training, if you’re into bodybuilding than you probably know what we mean.


Probably the only thing that has changed the most from bodybuilding in the 70’s compared to our current age is nutrition, in the old days you used to eat a lot to gain muscle and eat less when wanting to cut, we now have a ton of information regarding the body and how it functions and that’s a good thing but sometimes it can become overwhelming, information overload can be just as negative as it can be positive that’s why for nutrition you need to figure out how your body reacts, keep it simple, eat a lot of protein a lot of carbohydrates and low fats and sugars, it that doesn’t work for you figure out how your body responds to each type of food.

It is true that a lot of Mr. Olympia’s do the usual 7 meals of chicken and rice with vegetables, but that’s just what you see, why would they teach you the secret to earning a physique like theirs? Well, the secret is not such a secret, even though Phil Heath won’t tell you what he actually eats it doesn’t actually really matter, a Mr. Olympia doesn’t eat what they tell him to eat, he eats what his body needs, even if Phil told you what he eats it wouldn’t help you in anyway, eat according to how your body responds and feels, that’s the secret.


A lot of people debate on this subject a lot, 50% of the bodybuilders out there attribute genetics to their build while the other 50% say that it’s all about the hard work in and outside the gym, well, if you work hard at it enough you will definitely see results in your body but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a Mr. Olympia.

Let’s take for example Dorian Yates, before he worked out he was really skinny but once he hit the gym he blew up, his genetics have always been top notch but he didn’t know that until he started lifting, on the other side you have individuals who work out even harder than your regular gym rat and can barely put on 5lbs of muscle in two years, so yeah, genetics and an elite level are important, if you don’t have the big, round and full muscle bellies with a frame to carry it on you probably won’t be a Mr. Olympia but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be big and scary, remember, Mr. Olympia is the title awarded to THE best bodybuilder on the planet.


Notice that we typed “supplements” and not supplements? That’s because we are referring to steroids in a nice way, you can’t be a Mr. Olympia while staying natural because it’s literally impossible, now, don’t get confused, this doesn’t mean that by taking steroids you’re going to be a Mr. Olympia, if not everyone could and would do it!

Steroids could be said to be the finishing touch, bodybuilders in the 50’s, 60’s and even early 70’s used to have amazing physiques and we bet you that almost all of them had a natural body or took minimal drugs because they didn’t exist or weren’t popular enough!

Times change, they were barely any drugs back in the days and that’s why bodybuilders weren’t above 220lbs, nowadays bodybuilders are well over 300lbs thanks to research and the drugs. So yes let’s keep it real, in order to be at the top in the bodybuilding world you do need steroids but you also need perfect training, dieting and world class genetics.

If you dream of becoming the best bodybuilder alive you need to get off of your butt and start working on your diet, training program and just trying to better yourself, if you want something bad enough you will get it just remember to be careful and know that what you are trying to do has taken past champions over 15 years to achieve, now you know the basics on what it takes to be a Mr. Olympia, we say basics because there is a whole lot more than meets the eye that normal gym rats don’t know about.

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