Top 10 Greatest Bodybuilders Of All Time

1#Larry Scott

Larry Scott was born in Blackfoot (Idaho) in 1938, he was the first Mr Olympia from 1965 to 1966, measured 19.7 inches in his biceps round, today more than hundreds of muscle builders take in around biceps, 19.7inches or more, but don’t forget, this is was in 1965, in this time, this size was very rare and true performance, And that make him one of greatest bodybuilders.

Larry Scott ins a founding father of “Stand” and made strength equipment that one of the most popular parts of story. I say one of the fathers because it was actually created by Vince Gironda. Larry discovered at Vince’s Gym and then improved. Larry Scott has also created the exercise called “Scott Press” Or “Developed Scott” then Taken By Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2#Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva Was Born in Cuba in 1941 After serving in the army, he began training in the Cuban Club Gym. His Brute strength and its genetic potential was undeniable from the start of his training.

In 1962, he came second in the national championship, sometime he sought asylum in the united states consulate and left Cuba, never to come back.

He arrived in Chicago that became his adopted city, he worked 25years as a police officer.

During his 22 years bodybuilding career, he has described himself as a potentially dangerous athlete in each contest. It is also the only one to have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger In competition for the title of Mr Olympia. But Arnold beat in 1972 for the same title in Germany.

Sergio Oliva won his first American championship in 1963 “Mr Chicagolan”, he went on to train and four years after he won the MR Olympia Title

He was the first black man to win the bodybuilding title, he wins, including IFBB Mr Olympia, AAU Mr America, IFBB Mr World, IFBB Mr AAU Internationals And The IFBB Mr Universe.

Sergio Oliva won the best Title Mr Olympia for three times, 1967and 1968,1969, and that make him one of greatest bodybuilders.

3# Arnold Schwarzenegger “ the legend”

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, one of greatest bodybuilders, from an early age, he knew he would make a professional bodybuilding, he became as an bodybuilding reference, and won the Mr Universe title in twenty years old, And won his first Mr Olympia in 1970 at twenty three years old, I’m make him the youngest Mr Olympia in the bodybuilding history. After that he won the same claim for another 6times, in 1971,1972,1973,1974,1975, and the last one in 1980, when he returned to competition and won the last time the “ controversial” title of Mr Olympia in Sydney, Australia from Chris Dickerson, It was his last race because he wanted, then afterwards leave to engage in the business as making movies, opening restaurants, investing, writing books…, He was also the principal of the “ Council on Physical Fitness and Sport”.

Arnold Became an American citizen in 1983 and married Maria Shriver in 1986 the niece of President John F. Kennedy.

In the early 90s, his film career propelled him to the top of Hollywood fame while dedicating himself to many charitable causes.

4# Franco Columbu

Franco Columbu was born in 1941 in Sardaigne-Italia, firstly, he became involved in boxing, he met Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1965 in Munich and has since then always been alongside Arnold Competitions. In 1969, he followed the Austrian Arnold in California and formed some kind of bodybuilding duo practicing together as friends.

Columbu won in 1970 the title of Mr Europe and Universe draws in 1971 the title of Mr World and Mr Universe title in lightweight in 1974 and 1975, he won the official title in all categories in 1976. and that make him one of greatest bodybuilders.

In 1977, he broke his load while participating in the competition “The World strongest man” by attempting to lift a refrigerator, he did not give up. Later on the victory of Arnold the legend, he won the Mr Olympia title again in 1981, this was his last contest.

5# Frank Zan “ The chemist”

Frank Zane Was Born In, 1942 In Pennsylvania, He taught for 13 years maths And Chemistry Becoming a Professional Bodybuilder, he got a Masters in experimental psychology in 1990.

His Excellent proportions made him second after Sergio Oliva That have the finest size in the history of pro greatest bodybuilders, His Nickname was ”chemist”, Nickname Given by education but also because he already delivered a very scientific approach to muscle building.

Zane is one of three to have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding contest (Mr Universe1970). He has been competing for 20 years, winning titles such as Mr America, Mr Universe and Mr Olympia course.

His broad shoulders and very narrow waist gave him a gorgeous look in V, one of the best of his generation.

6# Lee Haney

Lee Haney was born in 1959 in South Carolina. He is the only one with Ronnie Coleman Holds the record for winning the title at the prestigious Mr Olympia, won the title 8 times, and that make him one of greatest bodybuilders!

Lee Haney won the Mr Olympia titles from 1984 to 1991, eight years in a row just awesome! Imagine that over all these years he was unbeatable under Mr Olympia. And as he also smashed the record previously help by Arnold “the legend”, who was 7times Mr Olympia champion.

One of the Favorite Phrases of Lee Haney in “Train to stimulate not annihilate” which means you train it for stimulation and not destruction. Lee Placed great importance in his workouts security for the performance of the movement. He Says so often in his seminars that 30-year career in bodybuilding pro he never hurt his knee or shoulder or back, because he try to focus and concentrate during his workouts.

7# Dorian Yates “The Shadow”.

Dorian Yates was born in 1962 in Sutton Coldfield-England, He has expanded to Hurley in rural areas of Staffordshire. Young he moved to Birmingham, during this period, he experienced a lot of trouble the crime that led to jail for 6 months.

That’s where he commenced to make a reputation in prison, Over there he was already the strongest and most hefty, Paradoxically, it is there as he learned respect for himself and others, This time in prison was a revealing of his personality, He realized that he no longer would never move backward. He then engaged in bodybuilding.

Dorian Yates won 6 times the title of Mr Olympia from 1992 to 1997. He was one of the largest bodybuilders, so imposing that during competitions appeared much “small” next to him. His nickname was “The Shadow”. and he was one of the greatest bodybuilders this time.

8# Ronnie Coleman

Well, who does not know Ronnie Coleman? Those in the Back of the class? Ok, peace out!

For Others You can stay, we’ll talk

Ronnie Coleman was born in Monroe-Louisiana in 1964, He earned his master of accounting from the Grambling State University. And he worked as a police reservist, who don’t know he won the prestigious title of Mr Olympia eight times consecutively, and let the shows unchallenged for many years.

Today he is part of the exclusive club of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

He got more than 73 titles between 1990 and 2007, in 2007 was also one of his last competitions in the Mr Olympia, where he finished in 4th place behind jay cutler first place, Victor Martinez second and Dexter Jackson 3rd place.

9# Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler was born in 1973 in Massachusetts, one of greatest bodybuilders, he began his training at his 18th birthday, so at first he chooses to train bodybuilding, especially to improve his physique, it was quickly brought to the competition.

His first show is 19 years old was also rated first.

From there his career and his record have steadily grown up, Jay Cutler has won 4 times the pull of Mr Olympia in 2006,2007,2009 and 2010, his crown he was thrilled in 2008 by Dexter Jackson, but it was a postponement since he recovers year later.

Jackson then placed 3rd and found in 4th and 5th places our two buddies Kai Greene ”the predator” and Phil Heath “The Gift”.

10# Phil Heath “ The gift”

Phillip Jerrod Heath was born in 1979 in Seattle, During his student years, Phil heath was one of the basketball teams of the establishments he frequented, which earned him a scholarship, passport entry for University of Denver, he will play for 4 years, from 1998to 2002 in the coveted rear position.

Phil Heath is as a sportsman through bodybuilding which he is totally dedicated since 2002.

Phil heath started in bodybuilding to reach 182.98pounds and after a pretty amazing transformation he got 213.84pounds. his first competition will take place in 2003, where he ran with 191.80pounds title in the light heavyweight category, according to industry standards.

The gift earned the Mr Olympia for the first time in 2011, when jay cutler got the second place, Kai Greene in the 3rd place and Victor Martinez in the 4th place, Phil heath won 4 times the pull of Mr Olympia in 2011,2012,2013 and 2014, after the famous battle with “the predator” Kai Green.

Phil heath until now, he wants to still the Mr Olympia, as he said in the bodybuilding documentary Generation of iron, “I’m gonna be here for a while”.

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