Testo-Max Testosterone Booster

By providing you with 100% tribulus terrestris pure extract, Testosterone Max is able to maximize the introduction of saponins to the body and therefore promise greater results than other brands.

Testosterone Max is a favorite amongst the body-builders for its massive increases to strength, energy and recovery times. It is an all-natural product that has been shown to increase testosterone production without the side effects that are often found in its anabolic steroid predecessor.

How it Works:

Your muscles will grow and you will be able to recover quickly so that you can get back to the gym quickly. As an added bonus, many of your basic male characteristics, such as sex drive, will also be improved. If you are looking for adding to your workout results, this is the product for you.


Although many amazing results can be seen when using the anabolic steroid Testosterone, there are many severe side effects that go hand in hand with it as well. Often times, testosterone is used as a replacement treatment for those lacking the natural element in their body but is also used to build muscles and burn fat as well. Because Testosterone Max is a safe alternative to the anabolic steroid, no prescription is needed and you can avoid the following dangerous side effects, among many others.

  • Swelling and weight gain
  • Erection issues in men
  • Menstrual cycle issues in women
  • Increased thirst and lack of appetite
  • Memory issues – restless, confusion, anxiety and headaches
  • Nausea, vomiting and stomach pain
  • Injection site issues

Results of Testosterone Max Alternative over pure form:

  • Increase in muscle size and protein synthesis
  • Blood flow and nitrogen retention are increased
  • Feelings of stress are reduced and drive is boosted
  • Libido, sex drive and performance are improved
  • Stamina and recovery process is improved
  • Massive gains in strength
  • Body fat melts away leaving lean muscles behind

Stack Benefits:

Testosterone max is gentle on the liver and kidneys. For best results, stack with the following Elite Series: D-BAL, D-KA, TREN-BAL and A-Drol.


Serving Size: 1 tablet (40 mg) – Servings per bottle: 90 Tablets
Consume one (1) tablet two or three times. On designated workout days, consume 30-45 minutes before the start of your workout and you can use even more on workout days. In order to see maximum results, you should use consistently for 2 months.


Below you can see some of the reviews from others who have used Testosterone MAX:

  • “Over the years I have spent thousands of products and tried many testosterone boosters. None have provided results, until now. I was so excited when my strength and gains increased 20%. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this product and gave it a try.”
  • “I’ve tried several other brands of testosterone booster and this one is the best. I have been able to see an increase in my energy and stamina as well as with my overall strength. Although my main focus is size, the stamina addition has been a nice bonus.”
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