Upper Body Workout Tips and Tricks

When you are a runner, your games get all the glory. Your thigh muscles and calf muscles are incredibly toned and emanate strength.

After all, your legs, from knees down, are your most exposed body part especially in the sultry heat. But there is one body part that you are overlooking and they are your arms and upper back.

Besides your legs, your arms are one body part that every one sees.

From tank tops to sleeveless shirts, your upper back and your arms need to be toned to look great in these clothes.

Unfortunately, people undermine the importance of a toned upper body.

Let us see why it is so important to have a toned upper body and how you can achieve that.

Importance of a Toned Upper Body

When it comes to your upper body, it is divided in to a group of muscles, with each group performing special functions.

For example, muscles of your hands, upper arm and fore-arm and the muscles that connect your limbs to your chest and spinal cord are all part of your upper body.

The importance of a toned muscular body cannot be undermined and here are the reasons for it:

  1. Your hand muscles allow you to grasp and clench things and are involved in fine motor skills.
  2. Your upper and lower arms are involved in a variety of movements and functions, including pushing and pulling.
  3. Your shoulder muscles are involved in over-head movements, moving your arm away and towards the body and also behind the body, to name a few!
  4. Your upper body muscles maintain your posture.
  5. Weak muscles lead to inability to perform activities that require fine motor skill, inability to maintain a good posture and loss of mobility and flexibility.
  6. Upper Body Workout

Now that we know the importance of a strong upper body, let us look at some of the best exercises to get a toned and strong upper body.

You may need to go to a gym for some of the exercises, but you can modify them according to your own needs.

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  1. Assisted Chin-ups

Assisted chin-ups are one of the best exercises that target your upper back, chest and shoulders at the same time.

We are using the word assisted because, initially, you will not be strong enough to lift your body weight on your own.

So you will be needing some help with this machine.

Adjust the weight on the machine according to your needs and try to do 3 sets, with 10 reps each.

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  1. Deadlift Row

A deadlift row is a modified deadlift.

It not only strengthens your back, but it also engages your core.

You just need a pair of dumbbells to perform this exercise.

Make sure you do not lock your knees and keep your back straight and hinged forward, when you lift the weights.

Start with smaller weights and move up to bigger weights as you get more confident with your movements.

  1. Breast Stroke

Breast stroke has been lifted from the ‘Breast stroke’ of swimming and it not only sculpts your upper body, but it also works your leg muscles.

You are in a squat position throughout and your weighted arms move overhead in a circular position.

Do 3 sets with 10 reps each and you will surely see a difference in your upper back!

  1. Push-up On Ball

Push-up on ball is a modified push-up. Instead of keeping your feet on the ground, you stabilize them on a stability ball.

We all know that push-up is one exercise that specifically targets your arms, shoulders and even abs.

By using a stability ball, you get the additional benefit of strengthening your leg muscles and your core. A strong core means that your power-house is up and about.

  1. Pom-Pom Circle

If, just by reading its name, you think this is an easy exercise, you might have to think again.

Just like you move your pom-poms in a circular motion above your head, you will be moving your dumbbells in a high-v, above your head.

Depending on the weights you are holding, it can be easy or hard. Make sure you move clockwise and anti-clockwise, in each set, to constantly challenge your muscles.

Remember, this exercise targets your upper back and shoulders.

  1. Bicep Curls

This is one of the most basic exercises, but most difficult to perform. The reason being that people misunderstand this exercise as a simple one.

It is easy to curl weights, but to get stronger muscles, you need to concentrate and focus on the power and force you put in the movement and not the number of reps.

It can be hard, even if you are using light weights and with the aid of Crazy Bulk you can efficiently improve your performance.

So Why Not Work on the Upper Back Muscles to Get Dual Benefits of Toned and Strong Arms?

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