Yoga for Muscle Building

So you want to talk about Yoga for muscle building don’t you? You want to know how to build muscle fast, how to look damn well fantastic, how to have wash board abs, how if you are man and woman you’ll have some of the sexiest abs, legs, biceps, triceps, and just body in general right?

Well let’s talk about Yoga for muscle building

The benefits yoga has for muscle building is… Okay we’re done. There you go.


Not only this, I am not slamming yoga, it’s just not MEANT to build muscle that is not the purpose of yoga, if you start up yoga I’m assuming you are doing it for health and flexibility purposes. If you are honestly doing it to build muscle mass then you are a clown, fact.

Here are some facts about yoga in general and not just Yoga for muscle building

Fact number 1 yoga can NOT build muscle

Fact number 2 Yoga does not promote fat loss

Fact number 3 Yoga does not “tone” you up because that is a mixture of 1 and 2.

I think it’s damn well insulting to those who do yoga and know what they are talking about as well to even suggest Yoga for muscle building it’s honestly just completely stupid and idiotic and none of it makes sense to me as to why this could be useful if you wish to build muscle mass go out and train in bodybuilding, you know those sexy figure models who you want to look like girl? Yeah they lift heavy weights, some squat over 300lbs, go out and do it, “no you won’t look like a man” if you ask that you deserve a slap.

And guys, if you searched this then honestly you lost even more of the little muscularity you had left.

Do not ask silly questions like Yoga for muscle building.

I’m actually interviewing soon an amazing girl who is incredible with yoga, she has used it to treat numerous injuries, help with flexibility and she’ll tell you herself it doesn’t build muscle but she’ll also tell you all the positive aspects of it, but guess how I met her? She was skinny as hell and needed help with her diet and building muscle! Yep, now she is a figure model who wins competitions, looks incredibly sexy and shows off everything she has. Oh and she’s probably the sexiest girl in yoga, at least in my opinion!

But alas, I’m just trying to point out the truth here and get you an idea, sorry if it sounds harsh but honestly looking for things like Yoga for muscle building is just weird and silly.

Go out lift some heavy weights we have plenty of free routines on here for men and women and make yourself look damn good!

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