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The Ups and Downs of Dianabol

There are a lot of articles and blog posts out there simply dedicated to filled with scientific evidence and claims of how Dianabol works. You can find them by the handfull. The problem being, here, is they never tell you any REAL life results. And the so called, “scientific evidence” is usually done on rats or other animals, rather than humans. I know countless people on Dianabol, so I’m going to provide you with real life results.

Dianabol is one of my favorite anabolic steroids, from my own personal experience, and with those that I’ve coached.
I remember the first time I took Dianabol. I’d done around 6 cycles, and Dianabol was going to be the first oral I added. Instantly, I was shocked! Within the first week I was stronger, and also putting weight on. My diet was smooth and I didn’t notice any fat gain. By the third week, I was hooked. I wasn’t inexperienced at the time, and I was with guys who’d done 40/50 cycles. I remember one of the older power lifters who’d recommended it to me– He just looked at me and smiled. Gave a sly nod of the head… As if to say, “Yeah, it really is that good.” Now, don’t get me wrong, Testosterone is the key to any good and effective cycle– but Dianabolreally does have a place in nearly any bulking cycle. I wouldn’t recommend it for cutting, due to the fact you can hold water on it, which is great for the pump, but not on a cut (for obvious reasons!)

Here is a question I commonly get relating to Dianabol.

Q: Can I do a Dianabol only cycle?

A: I think this must be the most COMMON argument between novices, all the way to experienced steroid users. The answer is quite complex, and depends on what you want. I believe, yes, you can use Dianabol alone. But, I would NOT recommend it. You will get far better results using a Dianabol and Testosterone base together, than alone. However, I do know some people are afraid of needles, so I am going to give you two vesions of the  best Dianabol cycle without other steroids.

First off, I’d like to state, if you are afraid of needles, and really cant get over it, this cycle is for you– But if you are just being lazy, PLEASE, PLEASE add Testosterone to the cycle. You will see some fabulous results from this.

This is for a first time user who has no cycles under his belt.

It’s a short 6 weeks only cycle, and it will be A 40MG cycle. Buy the products from the link below. The exact ones I’ve recommended here.

Week 1-6

GP Methan 10 (dianabol) 40mg per day

Yes, thats it. You might have expected some really over the top cycle, but nope! I’d imagine you’ll put on between 10/15lbs of lean muscle. Use a GOOD PCT and you should keep 95% of it.

This cycle is for someone who has a bit more experience. IE, has used Anavar, Winstrol etc.

I’d use 60MG, no more than this, each day, for 8 weeks.

I’d still expect gains of 15/20lbs, if you are experienced, obviously, if you are inexperienced you’d still make gains, but you’ll also lose them fast—So, work up to this cycle.

Dianabol 60mg per day
week 1-8

I’d imagine you’ll hold 90% of the gains from this cycle, and you should get some kick ass strength gains, also! Again, I can’t stress enough, how important it is to use a proper PCT. Purchase PCT here: PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

“Dianabol, breakfast of champions” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ok, onto some of the ups and downs of Dianabol. First and foremost, on the positive, Dianabol will Increase muscle mass and strength very fast, and is great to add to almost any cycle– and I’d say any cycle that includes bulking

The toxicity of Dianabol?

Personally, from experience, I think this is over rated. If you DON’T abuse it and use it correctly, take the correct dosages and time off, you will be fine. But, I do recommend contacting a doctor if anything goes wrong. (Duh)

Downside of Dianabol? Agression. While great for the gym, this drug does make you mad. If you are easy to anger, you might find this not worth it. Something that, normally, you might shrug off, you can very easily find yourself choking someone out over.

I remember a friend of mine who used this drug– He was always a hot head. One particular day we were in the gym, he’s doing squats, when some asshole walks past him and almost knocks the bar. Normally, he’d lose it with him, and rightfully so. He finished his set, and slammed the weight down. I was waiting for him to go up and yell at him. To my surprise, he picks up the 10KG plate and raises it. I grabbed him, and said “What are you doing man?” He was ready to bash the guy in—And, the anger period didn’t stop. Even 20 minutes later, once the session was over, we’re sat in the showers getting changed. The same guy walks in, not knowing how close to death he was. Only to be grabbed and thrown against the wall. I had to restrain my friend.

The moral of the story is: With some people Dianabol just DOESN’T agree with them. I have a few theories on why this is. But it’s for another day.

A little bit of back info on my friend– Anyone would call him, well, a softie. In fact, he was joked about as a gentle giant. This was a guy I’d seen drinks spilled on him in bars and he’d laugh it off. Yet, that day, he was ready to kill someone.

On the other hand of the spectrum, one of my athletes, who was, to put it bluntly, a complete and utter dick at times, used Dianabol in his cycle and he was laughing, joking around, and just seemed so much happier it was incredible. So here we’ve seen two spectrums.

What I’d do, personally, if you are worried, if you have a supportive girlfriend or training partner, who you can tell you are on steroids with, I’d say to them them “look, this can cause anger, and it’s concern of mine. If you notice any changes in my attitude towards you, or in general, will you let me know?”

Alternatively if you don’t feel comfortable telling someone you’re on steroids, I’d tell them you are taking a medication given by the doctor (make any excuse you want) and you were warned it could cause anger, and you’d like them to look out for it.

Overall, I think it’s a small percentage of people who fall into the anger category, but it’s still worth looking out for.

Here is another cycle that works particularly well with Dianabol. It’s a 16 week cycle that focuses on Dianabol, Deca and also Testosterone.

Testosterone Enanthate week 1-16 500mg weekly
Deca Durabolin week 1-12 400mg weeky
GP Methan 10 (dianabol) week 1-6 40mg daily.

Now, this cycle can go through the ages. Recently, I saw one of the most experienced steroid users I know, and he used the same cycle, albeit the doses were higher.

Testosterone Enanthatee week 1-16 900MG (WEEKLY)
Deca Durabolin week 1-12 700mg (WEEKLY)
GP Methan 10 (dianabol) 60mg daily week 1-8

Once again, a GOOD PCT is needed. PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

Overall, I hope I’ve answered some questions for you here. If you leave questions below in the comment section, I will do my best to answer as many as I can. Be safe.

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