The Top 25 Tips For How To Build Muscle Mass

Weakness Becomes Weapon – Pain Becomes Pleasure…!!!

Muscle mass and attractive physique is an ultimate goal for all. People join physical centers and perform different physical workouts to build strong muscle mass. Different experts provide different tips to make your physical look much better than before. These tips are summarized and compiled in 25 points which provide best ways to build strong muscles mass . These points are,

Protein rich food provides extra calories to the body. These calories further provide energy to the body and by proper exercises; it leads to growth in muscles. So, more muscles mass requires more food.


Proteins and amino acids are building block of body. The proper intake of protein on daily basis causes effective mass on the body. People should take 1-1.5 grams of proteins per pound of body weight.

Other than proteins, carbohydrates are the second essential requirements of the body. Carbohydrates balance the hormones of the body to maximize the gains of the body after hard workouts.

The experts prefer the body builders to do exercises with dumbbells because dumbbells open up the chest and produce more fiber muscles. Dumbbells are also useful for other exercises.

People should also do the back exercises. Focusing the arms and chest is an easy task. However, one should take precautionary measures to avoid any injury while doing any workout on the back.

There are such growth hormones in the body which are released when person is sleeping. So, the experts prescribed at least 8 hours sleep to provide maximum hormones to the body.


Repetition of different exercises is also helpful for growing muscles mass. The experts do at least ten or more exercises per body part or approximately 8-12 sets which ultimately reaches to 200 reps per body part.


To grow muscles mass, heavy weight should be lifted for the minimum of sets of five reps; by this, body weight mass as well as weight increases.

Multi-joint exercises maximize the production of muscles mass. Using different dumbbells and machines for same exercise will eventually show the effective results.

Taking rest in between exercises will lead the body to settle down the hormones and will decrease the weight also. For maximum recovery of muscles, people should decrease the weight and then increase it.

Change the regular routine of your exercises i.e. if you are regularly lifting heavy weights before dumbbells then simply use dumbbells before lifting the weight. Similarly, all the exercises shouldn’t be in same manner as done before.


The two well known exercises of legs, deadlifts and squats, release the maximum amount of testosterone which results in effective body growth.

People should know the importance of body weight exercises. Bruce Lee, a legend, didn’t have small muscles but he used to do the exercises according to weight of his body.

Competition with your colleagues in the gym will force you to do the excessive exercises to compete with your partner. This will eventually leads to the heavy weight muscles gain .

Use CrazyBulkwhich have 100% safe anabolic steroids as a basic ingredient. CrazyBulk has effective properties in increasing body muscles mass. It provides maximum energy to the consumer to do hard workouts.

Don’t limit yourself on some exercises. For example, if you can’t lift the weight more than 40 kg, then don’t just run away, always try to lift weight heavier than 40 kg. Stop your mentality to take hold on you.

Spotter is helpful in spotting different mistakes in exercises. He/she will correct you when you will be doing wrong exercise; this will lead to proper workout and ultimate gain in muscles mass.


Search out a professional and well educated trainer and tell him/her to teach you the proper exercises, moves and provide you the supplements for keeping yourself fit.


Set your mind on the exercises and don’t think about such feelings which will distract you from the workout. If someone isn’t capable of doing this, then he will feel as he didn’t get anything done.

Being social, texting or joking around is good but not in gym. Do these activities in free time and focus on the workout and exercises. If you are compelled to respond, then don’t keep it long. Summarize your response and focus on the work.

Prepare yourself before doing any work. Have proper warm-up before lifting any weight or using any machine. You will not be able to get anything without proper warm-up.

Don’t be afraid if you aren’t getting any positive result from exercises. Change the amount of weight, the manner of exercises, reps and your rest period; and then try again.


Don’t be tense because stress and tension causes the release of cortisol which is a stress-hormone. It will minimize your efforts and demote the muscles gains. So, put your stress aside and focus on your work.


One will not get any effective result if he is not regular in his exercises. Be regular and consistent in your exercises. Give a right amount of time in daily basis.

The most important feature is focus. Focus on the exercise which you are doing and stay away what ever is going on in your environment. Keep yourself strict and you will be able to build more muscles mass in response.

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