How Do Muscles Grow?

The Science Of Muscle Growth

Today lots of people face many health problems, including obesity. The unwanted fat mass affects the growth of human muscles. Most people are going to a gym or exercise elsewhere for this particular reason. In spite of all this, many people can’t lose weight and reach their dream of getting the ideal body shape because they are not on the right path and do not go over the guidelines put forward by experts and physicians.

The human body is comprised of different types of muscles that form some of our organs (like cardiac muscles or heart muscles) and others that are known as skeletal muscles. These skeletal muscles are composed of threadlike structures called MYOFIBRILS and SARCOMAS. These two form the fibers of the muscles and are responsible for muscle contractions.

There are 650 skeletal muscles in the human body. They contract when they are stimulated by motor neurons. The motor neurons are stimulated by the SACROPLASMIC RETICULAM. So motor neurons are the informers and the basic stimulating agents which are helpful in muscle contraction and give them strength. When you lift heavy weights in the gym your motor neurons are activated.


It is important to know that human muscles can only grow properly when the rate of protein synthesis in your body is greater than the rate of its breakdown. Now the real question is how do the muscles really grow and what is the basic science behind it? There are certain cells, which are known to be satellite cells. These satellite cells add the nuclei to your muscles when they are activated.

This thing directly helps in the growth of the Myofibrics or muscle cells. Thus, satellite cells are the basic builders of your massive muscles. The activation of these cells determines the growth of your muscles. When you have more satellite cells then you have more bright chances of growing your muscles.


Some of the basic tips for growing muscles:


Muscle tension is simply lifting heavier weights. Lifting weights is the basic mean to activate your motor cells and satellite cells. Tension in the muscles dramatically affects the growth of strong muscles.


WHEN you do heavy work, it probably causes the muscle to be damaged. This muscle damage causes the inflammatory molecules to be released out. These molecules also flare up the activation cells and also the human immune system. Thus you have better chances to grow muscles.


Those with great metabolism rates experience fast muscle nourishment. There are Human Growth Hormones in Pituitary Glands which are responsible for the fast metabolism rate. If you have a good metabolism rate then you have obviously stronger digestive system. So there are fewer chances to gain some unwanted fat in the body. As the HGH hormone helps to lessen and burn these fats, it counters the problem of being overweight. This metabolic stress is the main cause of the swelling of your muscles. It adds an extra-strong look to your muscles.

There is a hormone known as TESTOTERONE. It plays a very vital role in your muscle growth as it increases the rates of your body proteins. Thus enhancing the efficiency of activation and satellite cells. So the regulation of this hormone is also quite important because it is the main key for muscle growth and can be increased by using some well known healthy drugs or pills.


So you are now introduced to the basic processes that can help you to gain strong muscles. All you need is to eat a healthy food which can provide you the proteins and can charge up your activation cells. As these cells grow with fast rate, your muscles have greater chances of growth. Also make sure that your metabolic system is in good health as to reduce the effects of fats on your body.

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