The Low Body Fat Secret

Now this isn’t going to be a huge post revealing any massive, well kept, hidden secret. In fact, this “secret” is actually shouted out in front of your face every single day of the week!

I often hear everyone knocking physique competitors and how they are in shape for only 12 weeks of the year. What most people don’t realize is that there are logical reasons for this. They get so lean because they aren’t lean year around.

It’s how they get so ripped for a contest. You can’t peal or maintain low body fat levels all winter.

As sad as it may make some people, you can’t be in peak shape all year. Actually, scrap that. It depends what you call “peak shape.” When I’m putting on bulk I will put on some fat, not gallons of it, but I put some on. During this time, I am much stronger. I will commonly add a lot of weight onto the bars and when I was doing MMA, the strength carried over fantastically.

The smart way to train is to cycle your training. You can only get lean and look good lean with muscle. If you are skinny, sure, you might have a 6 pack. But when you go out with a shirt on, no one will even know you lift weights. Even worse, you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself and you know the fat guy in front of you is not only stronger, but probably the better fighter. You need to approach your training in a cycling fashion, so that you can work up to the peak.

I am NOT talking about bulking up and getting fat and out of shape every winter to diet it off in the summer! That’s just downright silly.

I am, however, suggesting that you go from looking lean to adding some mass and not really caring if you have a 4 pack rather than a 6 pack.

I have no intentions whatsoever of staying beach lean around 6% all year. Most of the time I try to stay around 8-10%, which is extremely lean. At the same time though, I need to add muscle.

I don’t maintain beach shape all year and it only takes me about 6-8 weeks to get down to lean levels.

I do so using the exact same techniques that I’ll show you in my ultimate fat loss package that is coming out soon.

You can’t stay on a low calorie diet for too long. Your metabolism simply slows down and your body adapts to your calories. If you push hard, though, for a few weeks then ease back you’ll develop the body that you’ve always wanted.

Hopefully you found this helpful and will take some notice, I will go much more in detail on more of these very soon.

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