Using Steroids

So you are thinking about Using Steroids? You are turning to the dark side so to speak. Using steroids is a big step in your life and the way you train. How long have you trained naturally? I’m going to hope for at least 2 years. But preferably longer!

Now if you are thinking of Using Steroids, there’s a few things I need to get out and make sure it’s stuck in your head.

Are you prepared to dedicate everything you have to your goals? Are you prepared to force those extra reps out, eat only the best food (you should be doing these things already, really!) and of course train your ass off? Steroids allow you to recover quicker and grow faster but to take advantages of this you have to train harder than you ever did even when you were natural.

Your goal is to USE Steroids not abuse them. I have no respect for someone taking ridiculously high and stupid dosages when he could get the same results at a far more moderate level if he just made the effort! The goal with using steroids is to be as safe as possible and get the best results possible.

Things like sharing needles is idiotic and reusing needles? Well, you need your head examined. Needles are cheap and even free if you go to the correct places.

While training it’s common for guys to go up to 6 days training rather than 4. Even twice daily sessions where optional. However doing 4 days a week is fine and I’ve seen amazing results from that, I’m talking competitive sport and bodybuilding level.

Using Steroids is something you want to think over, while you might be able to purchase steroids from the link below.

I’d still make sure you are ready for this challenge and don’t see it as an easy step in life. If you see them as a short cut to getting big or jacked than you simply shouldn’t be using them. If you see them as a bonus or an add on to an already perfect training regime, and eating regime then, yes using anabolic steroids correctly is a good idea.

If you need any help with using steroids I’d recommend checking out our forum as well below

You can ask many other individuals about using steroids and get some personal feedback yourselves and everyone there is cool with helping you out and helping with any issues that may arise.

Be sure to look in to a good PCT, we have tons of articles on PCT on this website and the forum can help you out once again there.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article on using steroids while it’s a basic simple article I just wanted to share some basic and good advice on staying safe and using them correctly.

Until next time thanks for reading and be sure to join in comments below!

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