How to take steroids

There are different ways on how you can take steroids. The efficacy, efficiency, and stability of the steroids that you will take also depend significantly on their route of administration into the body. Each method of administration also has its own benefits, risks, and side effects, so you always have to do your homework before taking any form of anabolic steroids. Self-administration of steroids require great caution and care – if you’re a novice in this area and you want to try taking steroids, you should do a whole lot research about them and consult online forums for advice.

Steroids can be taken orally (as pills and tablets), topically (as creams, gels, and skin patches), or parenterally (as injectable steroids). Of these forms of steroids, the pills and injectables are the most commonly used.

Here are the brief profiles of the forms of steroids according to their method of administration:

Pills and Tablets

Taking steroids orally is the most convenient route of steroid administration. Oral steroids are usually taken daily because they have a much shorter half-life than most injectable steroids. They are also most commonly administered in a cycle of 6-8 weeks because they can cause liver damage when used longer than 8 weeks at a time. When talking about oral steroids, the issue of liver damage is often exaggerated but you still have to be responsible and careful. A piece of advice is to take steroid pills or tablets in small doses that are spread throughout the day to minimize the stress being put on your liver.

Injectable Steroids

Injectable steroids are by far the most recommended form of steroids when speaking of the method of administration. These steroids are usually injected into the muscle and not into the vein because some ester-based steroids can cause clots in the bloodstream. Injectable steroids are also generally more stable and more potent than their oral cousins, plus they have minimal side effects when taken properly. They don’t possess chemicals that can potentially harm your liver or put your body to too much stress. They also produce more muscle gains than any other form of steroids. Maintaining your gains is also easier when you use injectable steroids than oral pills alone.

Gels, Creams, and Skin Patches

Topical administration of steroids is now getting more popular but it still is the least preferred type of steroid administration. Transdermal patches, creams, and gels are not as effective as oral pills and injectable steroids in producing optimal muscle gains. They are also typically more expensive than the other forms of steroids. Another downside to these topical steroids is they take too long to be fully absorbed – about 6 hours – and during that period, they may be washed off, further reducing their effectiveness.

Also, if someone comes in contact with the steroid you applied on your skin, they can accidentally dose themselves with the substance and suffer harmful side effects. This is a very important warning, especially if you have a girlfriend, wife, or children who can always get close to you.

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