Should I Use Steroids?

So you are thinking of it, going over stepping up with the big boys and taking the juice, but in the back of your mind you are wondering a few things, have I reached my natural limits? Should I use steroids? Now I actually respect you more for asking this question, when asking the question Should I use steroids? We need to go over the following things so we can decide if the answer to our question Should I use steroids? Is yes or no. Continue reading below.

Should I use steroids?

Well let’s look at it.

  1. have you hit your natural limits.

Have you trained your ass off for a very long time tried numerous programs and progress is slowing down to almost a halt? Have you used the Big beyond belief program? The boring but big program? The 5×5 program. The 5/3/1 program and any others? If you have tried all of them, I’d expect you to have gone through numerous cycles with them making results before moving onto something like this.

  1. Whats your diet look like? Is your diet good? Are you getting enough protein, calories, and carbohydrates, fats, from good sources? If so then that is GREAT, but remember steroids are not magic pills and when asking Should I use steroids? If your diet sucks then the answer is obviously No.
  2. what does your supplement plan look like, do you use creatine, whey protein, Casein protein, multi vitamins fish oil etc? if you have a good supplement plan and they all work fine and you milked the results from them, you can feel comfortable you can use anabolic steroids, afterall most supplements are worthless, but if you are able to use the ones that DO work and get results you know you have the intelligence to be able to make anabolic steroids work for yourself.
  3. are you disciplined? What do I mean by this, I mean when asking the question should I use steroids? Are you going to have the common sense to plan out your cycles, if you start with the goal of a 12 week cycle, stick to 12 weeks, do pct recover then do a cycle again, don’t think “this is going great im going to do a 20 week cycle” Always plan a head, always make the effort to keep going

Hopefully I’ve been able to help you answer the question Should I use steroids? And remember if you need any help with planning a cycle or what steroids are best for you then comment below where I or one of my employees will do our best to assist you every step of the way.

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