Steroids Weight Gain

A common reason many of you take Anabolic steroids is to lead to weight gain, or more importantly to lean muscle gain.

“What are the best Steroids for weight gain?” I see you asking me! Well this one is quite hard. It depends on what type of weight we are looking at adding, are we wanting pure lean mass or to build as much muscle as humanly possible? Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?
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Anabolic steroids such as anavar and T-bol are oral steroids that are perfect for leaning down or for a new user who is happy to add around 8 to 10lbs of lean muscle mass with 0 fat gain.
I’d run anavar at around 100mg daily if you decided to use this for the steroid cycle.
If you decide to use T-bol run it at 60mg daily at least. The length of time for both cycles should be 8 to 10 weeks. This will provide you with nice steady gains in muscle mass as long as your nutrients and calories are correct.

If you decide to go the injectable route and it is your first time I’d do a Testosterone Only cycle. This can lead to gains of around 20 to 30lbs of lean muscle mass and dramatic strength gains for a first timer. I’d recommend 500mg weekly.

Again this steroid can later be stacked with other steroids either injectable or oral.

Some good examples are

Testosterone and dianabol. You’d run dianabol for 6 weeks and testosterone for 12 weeks

Another one is testosterone and deca

You’d run the testosterone for 18 weeks and the deca for 16.

Eventually you could run all 3 so it would be

Testosterone for 18 weeks
Deca for 16
Dianabol for 6

This is a favourite steroid stack by bodybuilders all over the world, I really can’t recommend this highly enough.

Testosterone is a great base steroid and should be your base for at least 95% of your cycles.
Mixing testosterone with Anavar is possible for those looking for “Leaner” gains or with T-BOL. It can be mixed with pretty much anything

A good cutting stack would be


That is an advanced cutting stack that would lead to you adding around 10/15lbs of lean mass while easily dropping 30+ lbs in some cases. Not for the weak of heart. Only for advanced bodybuilders!

Obviously the weight gained varies from individual to individual and on your training routine, goals, and the calories consumed + the quality of those calories you are consuming, yeah, if you stuff your self with ice cream you will get big, Fat, but still you’ll look big. Eat high quality proteins, healthy fats, and healthy carbs and you’ll look simply outstanding.

I wanted to answer a few of the basic questions related to the amount of weight you can gain with anabolic steroids, obviously professional bodybuilders have used them for years and countless times hence the dramatic sizes they find themselves capable of achieving.



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