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So today we’ve done an article on Kevin Levrone steroids and it’s no real surprise we’d be asked about him as we are so many bodybuilders who are “professionals.” Let me get this through your head now, we aren’t just talking about Kevin Levrone steroids but any pro bodybuilder IS ON STEROIDS.


Half of them even admit it once their career is over Arnold started steroids at the age of 15! 15 years old! (Kind of shows you the damages of anabolic steroids are greatly over exaggerated, no?)

But on topic Kevin Levrone steroids should not even need to be asked. Take a look at the guy seriously. Look at him in the photo we’ve put on here he’s incredibly large isn’t he? Beyond anything anyone can do naturally. I don’t think you even need to be a bodybuilder or athlete yourself to realize that surely.

Kevin Levrone steroids is a common subject and we get asked it often. What I always find weird is when natural “bodybuilders” who are usually guys at the height of 6 foot plus who weigh about 120lbs claim “You can get as big as him naturally”! or “my brother is as big as him.” Or the worst part “He’s big and muscular but he’ll never look as good as me!!!!”

And you just stare at them and think what…? What’s going through your mind? You can’t even do a pull up, son

As with all pro athletes one thing we can’t take away from him is he’s obviously an extremely hard worker, you don’t get as big as Kevin Levrone without working your backside off in the gym. Lifting heavy, lifting hard, lifting often are all the keys to his success. His diet is perfect, his nutrition is great and he loves, eats, sleeps, drinks, bodybuilding. What more can you ask from any athlete?

A lot of people forget about the dedication required to be a successful bodybuilder, these guys are usually far more dedicated than 99% of the population. You don’t often see baseball players, or American football players show anyway near the commitment level that a Pro bodybuilder does.

While Kevin Levrone steroids may get brought up often and as I stated earlier I can appreciate and understand why. I think it’s important we don’t just think the steroids worked like some kind of magic pill. They allowed him to train harder and harder and beat his genetic limits. They didn’t do the work for him. Think of it as building a house.

They gave him extra bricks and cement to lay down the foundations and start building, but he still had to do ALL the labour, make sense?

I hope so. Thanks for taking your time to read this, and hopefully if you read other articles on this website you will see A.) where to purchase steroids safely and B.) How to use steroids correctly.

It is my plan to help make steroids legal one day and without educating ourselves on the benefits and safety of them, we’ll never see these made legal.

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