Batman steroids

Ahh, with the success of Batman as a whole, the entire franchise, the comics, the cartoons, the amazing video games, the amazing films (though I personally hated Dark Knight Rises), there is something you cannot deny; Batman is one of the most kick ass characters known to man! That and he also takes anabolic steroids.

Honestly, no matter what adaption we watch (well maybe those annoying 1960’s films) Batman has used anabolic steroids, there is no doubt.

I remember watching the cartoons when I was little and seeing Batman bench press over 800lbs. Now who the hell can bench press 800lbs (he was doing it raw) and even if he has trained to perfection, he’d still need some anabolic assistance wouldn’t he?

Add in the fact he is incredibly muscular and large and it only makes sense to do an article on Batman steroids. I mean I can’t really do one on “Superman steroids” can I?

To be fair the comics actually made a story line that included batman using a type of anabolic steroid to power himself up. After he fails to save a little girl due to not being strong enough he decides to take Venom (what bane uses) in smaller dosages to up his power levels.

Of course he ends up becoming addicted and using more and more, turning on those he loves due to the anger problems and basically roid rages, while this was a great comic book it still throws steroids out there in the wrong way, unfortunately, the way that has seen these safe drugs made illegal and deemed dangerous by governments (not doctors)

Alas, what type of anabolic steroids do I think the Batman would take?

Testosterone, of course he’d take this. He needs to be as strong as humanly possible and he needs to raise his performance + You can tell he’s high on testosterone, I mean remember when he had it off with Huntress in the rain just covering her with his Batcape? Only a guy full of testosterone would do that. And how many women has he been with?

Deca, Deca would also be on the list of anabolic steroids how can I talk about Batman steroids and not mention deca? It would help him stay injury free, while building up his strength levels something he most certainly needs.

Anavar would be another, fat burning properties, healing properties and allowing you to recover form injury faster, along with strengthening bones and joints, Oh and did I mention it raises endurance? Not a big surprise he’d use this one is it?

The next ones I’d see him using on a regular basis would be

Human growth hormone, again the injury prevention, the ability to recover faster and of course the fat loss and strength gains will all be positive aspects for Bruce in his battle against crime.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article titled Batman steroids and while it was done for just a bit of fun, I think it did make some fair points.



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