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Muscle Building Science

This is a common question coming up all the time and you know what? I’m absolutely happy it is!” Honestly, I’ve heard too many guys and even girls say silly things like “There is no science behind weight training just eat big and lift big”

Yeah these guys do always look very large, unfortunately by large I mean extremely fat.

And I’ve seen other guys say “well only dumb guys lift weights” usually these are extremely nerdy but also not the successful nerds. I mean not the geeks who make 100s of thousands on developing software or games.

No, they are actually more intelligent.

It’s normally said by the nerds who play world of warcraft all day and have big parties dressed up like this. And yes they have no female friends. Not even their mothers like them!

But alas let’s talk about Muscle building science

Obviously I’m going to “dumb” this down, I could get really scientific and give quotes from this study and that study, but honestly what good is that going to do besides make an extremely confusing article for you all to read?

Instead we’ll talk about some facts of Muscle building science

Fact 1

Compound lifts are better than isolation.

This is true, heavy compound lifts allow you to recruit, and activate more muscle fibres leading to much bigger and larger muscles this in turn leads to a dramatic amount of strength gains and of course heavy lifting.

Heavy compound lifts also tend to give you a very large increase in natural hormones which of course leads to muscle gain and fat loss.

Now it is important with Muscle building science we also remember that Isolations still have their place

I like to add in an isolation exercise at the end, let’s say on the bench press I’ve done all my sets, I’ve done weighted dips I might then decide to go do a set or 2 of cable cross overs and really just force the blood and pump the muscle, this works to a T.

Fact 2 Hit is better for fat loss than steady state cardio

This is true unless you are on a very low carb diet and high fat diet.

If you are on medium carbs than High intensity interval training also known as HIIT, is far superior due to its after burn effect a study showing 20 minutes of HIIT was able to burn 250 calories during training with 1200 calories during the next 2 days, so yeah, Hiit does work so do it.

Fact number 3

If you don’t train lower body hard with deadlifts and squats you are a pussy.

Yep can’t really argue there.

Fact number 4

A high fat diet will make me fat.

Nope completely wrong, in fact certain diets such as the anabolic diet, are proven to lead to dramatic fat loss, and even muscle gain by staying on a high fat low carb diet! It is very effective for staying lean! And I highly recommend it!

Just a few tips from Muscle building science!

We are always here to help and provide as much useful information as possible

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