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The legendary Frank Zane, he has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen. He is a three time Mr Olympia which is no easy feat, and yes before you start asking he did take steroids.

Remember before when I said that all pro bodybuilders take steroids? They do. Remember when countless amounts of former Mr Olympians came out and said we all take steroids? Or when all the coaches came out. Fact is, yes, obviously they do look at the size of all of them, even the ones who don’t finish in the top 10 look better than 99% of the world’s population or at least “bigger”

Let’s take a look at Frank Zane steroids. This guy has a great physique one of the most impressive things about him is, unlike many who look just “huge” obviously we know they are strong. Not as strong as a strongman but they look strong.

This guy actually looks like he lifts heavy weights. He has a huge solid structure with abs of steel. In fact I love his abs. Unlike most guys out there, his ab muscles stick out and look strong. You could tell he put a lot of focus on them, while some bodybuilders neglect ab work due to the amount the abs get worked through the squat, over head press, dead lift, bench press etc. This guy obviously put a lot of time and effort into isolating them. Heavy weighted situps, and leg raises will have been a staple of his routine.

The ideal modern male physique has shifted from the wasp-waisted men of the past to 5’9″ behemoths who tip the scales at 250-plus pounds with 3 percent body fat. This superhero mentality has even found its way into our kids’ plastic toys–GI Joe and other action figures now look more steroidal than baseball’s all-star game.

The answer to both questions may reside with Frank Zane. It’s hard to find a guy, straight or gay, who doesn’t want Zane’s body from the late 1970s in one way or another. In 1968, a young Frank Zane achieved one of his most important bodybuilding milestones: He not only won the 1968 Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles, but he also beat Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ironic isn’t it? He’s beaten Arnold but we hardly hear of “Frank Zane” and when you look at him he was full of charisma, a genuine funny guy and proved he could act. Looking back on his career I was always shocked he never got into acting., His body easily looked every bit as good as Arnold’s and he was a work horse who would put 100% effort into anything he attempted to do as it showed in his training.

Put Frank Zane with any of the “Pro bodybuilders” out there now, not only is he every bit as strong as any of them, I bet you’d find more of the general public wanting to look as good as Frank Zane than you would Ronnie Coleman for example.

Is a question that will get asked over and over and I wouldn’t expect any less.

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