Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is something all men tend to end up suffering with at some point in their life. Between the ages of 30 to 35 your testosterone levels naturally begin to lower, but this is a problem we can easily reverse and in fact, completely prevent! There is no need for us to suffer with low testosterone.

By using anabolic steroids such as testosterone enanthate, we can easily add a vast amount of muscle to our physique, keep our libido high and of course stop any age related fat gain.

It’s quite common for doctors now to prescribe testosterone enanthate. However many men in the UK and the USA find this extremely difficult, let’s look at you, perhaps you are even YOUNG and suffering from low testosterone (yes, it happens and it is common.)

You don’t have high sexual urges anymore, having sex feels like a chore, you have put on weight, and you don’t feel as strong, fit or healthy as you once did. You begin to worry. This is all down to low testosterone. You go get it checked out by the doctors and he confirms your fears: you do have low testosterone. Now instead of issuing you with testosterone injections he’s nervous. He considers them steroids and evil. He doesn’t care that without them you are going to have plenty of medical problems, Hell he doesn’t care about you getting arthritis or anything like this. No, all he cares about is that steroids are bad.

But we know better don’t we? We know guys in their 80s still lifting weights looking great who’ve used steroids since they were 20.

We know guys in their 50’s paying for hormonal replacement therapy and they look better than anyone you know in their teens.

This is because they fixed the low testosterone problem, the issue at hand. This is what I plan to help you with.

First off when we are fixing low testosterone we need to look at a few things.

Do you want to be a bodybuilder? Are you wanting to build muscle mass? Or do you simply want to just fix the low testosterone levels, and restore them back to the levels you once had or should have had in your late teens early 20’s if this is so. Then 200mg injected once a month is usually fine, though some people DO prefer to inject 100mg every 2 weeks.

I find this the best way to naturally mimic your testosterone levels and you will see a massive increase. Of course if you want more than just to fix your low testosterone and you wish to build a body of a Greek God, then we need to look further at the issue.

You will want to run the levels much higher while training at the gym for a starter 500mg ran weekly for 12 to 14 weeks, will give sufficient results, if you were suffering from low testosterone. You could easily see an increase of 25lbs of lean muscle mass, with a decrease in up to 10/15lbs of fat.

Overall fixing low testosterone is essential and you can understand why.

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