Side Effects Of Steroids

There is great prestige that comes with being an athlete; the lifestyle, the money, the endorsements and the fame. If you think of athletes like Michael Jordan, Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Husain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and many others, you may be tempted to increase the performance of your muscles by taking steroids. Interestingly, none of these have reached the heights of their careers with steroids. All athletes want to compete and beat the records of their competitors and this can be understood. However, Taking steroids is not acceptable morally and it has adverse health effects on top of that. It is hoped that the information on this article will give you insights into the dangers of steroids and change your mind about using steroids. Try to win without steroids; and you will benefit more. Think about what steroids have done to the careers of great athletes like Marion Jones and let this be the wake up call.

With the rate of heart attacks increasing day by day all over the world, you will be very daft not to think of yourself as not being it the way of a heart attack, even if you are not using steroids. Using steroids further increases the chances of getting a heart attack and if you are overweight, you are a literal ticking time bomb. Have you ever heard of athletes who were perfectly healthy falling down smack in the middle of a training session? This could happen to you with steroids.

The reason you are the size you are (assuming you are naturally big) is because your heart can manage to pump blood to all the organs in your body. Increasing muscles artificially endanger the heart; and it may never recover from working too hard. The heart will have to enlarge to deal with the large capacity of muscles that need blood and oxygen. The pressure to manage is enough to close the heart down.

For the men who are concerned about their manhood; here is one more reason why you should stop using steroids. Sexual performance will drastically reduce and if you were hoping to father a child, you may not have the quality of sperm needed to do so. Men who abuse steroids develop breasts, which do not do anything for a mans self esteem. As for a woman, you will develop male characteristics like the deepening of the voice and the growth of facial hair. If that is not horrible enough, think of the fact that you may become sterile as you will no longer have regular menses. For some women menses stops completely and reduces the quality of ovaries.

It is bad enough to have cancer, but whats worse is to know you caused them upon yourself. This is because steroids increase the chances of getting cancer since they are toxic to the liver. Cancers like breast, liver, lung, prostate and ovarian are the most common. Liver failure is common among steroid users as well because of the toxicity of steroids.

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