Anavar Results

Anavar results ; what are they, what can you expect and can they be obtained safely? These are very common questions for many performance enhancers when it comes to any anabolic steroid; especially those whom never supplemented before. Of course, even for those who have supplemented before, its not uncommon for them to be disappointed in the results when they use the wrong steroids at the wrong time for the wrong reasons; this is true, steroids are not as magical as many tend to believe. With this in mind, we want to discuss the Oxandrolone hormone that is Anavar; specifically, we want to discuss results of its use. You will find benefits will be expected at the highest degree in a cutting cycle when proper dieting is at hand; you will also find they can be tremendously beneficial to the female athlete due to the tremendously low rate of virilization. Lets take a look and in doing so ensure your supplementation is met with success.

Anavar Results In True Conditioning

When calories are restricted, when we are trying to lose body-fat and lead to a physique that is of an impressive nature, this is where the Oxandrolone hormone will truly shine. In-order to achieve this end, the first order of business is to actually diet; you must be in a caloric deficit; you must burn more calories than you consume in-order to burn body-fat. Of course, as you know this can cause you to lose hard earned muscle tissue, but through supplementation of Anavar effects of this nature will take on a different tone. The Oxandrolone hormone has the ability to preserve a great deal of the tissue you already possess while dieting, and as it will increase muscular endurance and overall recovery time you will be able to push through your diet with more efficiency.

Beyond the above, supplementation of Anavar gives an enhanced metabolism; this means you will burn fat at a higher rate, but it doesnt end there. The Oxandrolone hormone has been shown to directly promote lipolysis; put simply, it can directly burn fat. In any case, once your body-fat is low enough, then and only then will you begin to see the big changes, and theyre the changes most people want. Anavar effects of this nature refer to a harder, dryer and overall more defined physique; yes, you will possess the look you desire. These are the basic traits, and when it comes to true conditioning the Oxandrolone hormone meets this definition.


Anavar is generally not considered a good mass building steroid, and for the male performance enhancer we agree. It will take a massive amount of Oxandrolone to promote any significant gain in mass, and as the steroid is not cheap its an inefficient choice for this purpose. Of course, it must be noted; some tissue growth can occur, and as this is a non-aromatizing steroid any Anavar results of this nature will be pure, lean tissue; they simply wont be tremendous by any stretch. Then we have female mass promotion, and here the steroid takes on a different tone. Women are simply far more sensitive to anabolic steroids, and it wont take much at all to spur a little growth; further, as this is one of the safest steroids they can use if not the safest of all it can be a fine off-season choice.

Anavar Provides Safe Results

Without question, Anavar is the safest anabolic androgenic steroid of all for both men and women; in-fact, most all healthy adults who supplement responsibly will not have a problem. Responsible supplementation will revolve around dosing and total duration of use, but how you live your overall life will play a role perhaps greater than any other. If youre healthy, if you live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, avoid alcohol consumption and all OTC medications where possible, the odds of you having any problems are tremendously low.

Of course, there are a few adverse side effect of a strong genetic nature, and they include acne, hair-loss and prostate enlargement as well as virilization. Those sensitive to acne may break out, but keeping your skin dry and clean should protect you. Men who are predisposed to male-pattern baldness may lose some of their hair, but men who aren’t will not lose a hair on their head; those that do were going to lose it any way. As for prostate enlargement, this is extremely rare if your prostate is healthy to begin with, but it is possible if you allow too much DHT buildup in your system. Then there’s virilization, and this is the big one for females. Virilization can lead to female body-hair growth, a deepening of the vocal chords and clitoral enlargement, but fortunately the odds are extremely low with this steroid. If you keep your dose moderately low, you should be fine, but if for any reason adverse results of this nature occur discontinue use immediately and they will fade away.

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