Nandrotest 400

Nandrotest 400 contains nandrone decanoate and testeterone enanthate. This is a body building steroid that was developed with the athlete in mind. It is an injectable drug, usually in the subcutaneous region of the skin, between the dermis and the fat layer. It designed to create muscle mass while increasing the muscle efficiency when the athlete needs that muscle power, more so while he trains. It is available in 400mg vials and is the ultimate enhancement drug.

Nandrotest 400 – Nandrone Decanoate

Nandrone decanoate is one of the most popular steroid component for some time now. It’s reputed with large mass gains, helping improve the immune system and aiding in alleviating joints pain. This is because deca does not covert into estrogen like most other steroids because being of weaker androgenic properties, since it does not break down the androgen targets into a potent metabolite. The liver is therefore not able to convert the nandrolone into estradiol.

The deca cycle is usually taken with testosterone, because without the supplemented testosterone intake, the body’s natural levels will drop. The deca also helps for those with acne and water retention problems. However, these same problems can reoccur when the drug is used in high doses. Deca has a muscle enhancing effect that is noticeable but not overly dramatic. It is slow but even. It also needs to be taken for long, usually in 12 week cycles to get the desired muscle building effect. It is said to amass muscle at half the rate of that of an equal dosage of testosterone but with much more safer results.

It’s important to take ancillary drugs at the end of the therapy to help in the chest cavity and also an antagonist should be included to help the body rapidly resume in the natural production of testosterone by the testes. The most significant drawback to nandrone use is its slow break down rate and may still appear in the body at the drug screen, up to one year since the cycle, especially for long term users.

Also known as primoteston, testosterone enanthate is a very popular testosterone product effective for building strength, burning fat and gaining muscle. The testosterone is the natural hormone that is responsible for large muscles as well as aggression, sex drive and deepened voices in men.

The energy is facilitated by better retaining of nitrogen, helping synthesize proteins better. The disadvantage of this compound is that it turns into estrogen, causing water retention, fat gain and reduced sex drive. This however is contained by the other nandratest 400 component nandrone decanoate. This drug causes a testosterone elevation that is quite consistent, staying in the body for up to three weeks after that particular injection.

The testosterone also helps fight hypogonadism and other androgen deficiency related ailments. If the estrogen rises to high levels, it may cause gynecomastia, a breast nipple growth and soreness, and is therefore discouraged to take nondrotest 400 with other testosterone drugs. Its other side effects are acne and oily skin, male pattern baldness and body hair growth.

The combination of these two complementing compounds is therefore important because they control each others side effects, helping the drug remain quite safe as compared to other singular steroids. Ancillary drugs should also be taken in the post cycle recovery period because it helps retain the acquired muscle mass for longer.

The side effects are diverse and are dependent on the drug that will be more prominent in the body, be it the deca or the testosterone. The testosterone is at times known to cause the reduction of the testes, largely due to the increased estrogen in the body.

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