Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroids

How could I have not done an article on Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids yet?

Arnold is an icon to many, even though he’s been out of the sport for more than 30 years! This tells you exactly just what kind of an impact this guy had on the lives of millions of fitness fanatics, it didn’t matter if you were a bodybuilder, weight lifter, power lifter, strong man, boxer, or if you did martial arts, we all loved Arnold!

He had some of the best quotes of all time including the one I loved the most quoted “it’s all about the pump! I mean the pump to me, it is better than sex! It feels like when you are having sex with a woman and cumming.. No, it is better than that.” He’s done so many versions of that quote and each one gets worse, but for some reason we just love him more.

He had an incredible body, one that is arguably better than 99% of bodybuilders out there to this very day! Add in the fact he’s appeared in numerous blockbuster films, Conan, Terminator and he once played a pregnant man (Not one of his better moments, that’s for sure) but moving on with this article, Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids did the big guy use them? Of course he did. I don’t even need to speculate and there is no need to even debate it because he’s admitted to steroid use.

While he says he only used anabolic steroids while dieting because he had no problems building muscle (completely shit.) No one can build muscle to the degree he did without using anabolic steroids. But either way at least, he’s admitted to using them.

Now let’s take a look at what his cycle is likely to have been

It’s speculated that his anabolic steroid cycle looked like this

80MG dianabol daily (remember he once called dianabol the ”breakfast of champions”)

Testosterone 2.5 grams weekly

Deca 2 grams weekly

Tren was said to be used when cutting but we have no idea what real “dosage” he used.

We also know he was one of the first and biggest users of human growth hormone to promote muscle mass and fat loss. The human growth hormone he used came from dead bodies to make him extra “bad ass.”

Finally equipoise, masteron, primbolan, were all anabolic steroids he had a huge passion and love for.

Despite all of this Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the hardest working athletes on the planet. He lived, breathed, and loved bodybuilding and this dedication is what helped him achieve the body he had and go down as a living legend! I, for one, hope Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids continues, especially as I’d love to see him take up a role in the new films coming out!

Until next time, thanks for reading this article titled Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids

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