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We get asked all the time did this actor or did this actress use anabolic steroids or clen, or some other performance enhancers such as these. The answer is yes, they do use anabolic steroids often in Hollywood and Hugh Jackman Steroids is certainly a fair question! Do I believe he used anabolic steroids? Of course I do and if you continue reading this article I’ll explain why.

Hugh Jackman is an actor. He was quite “skinny” and carried a bit of chub around the waist, this tends to lead to the term “skinny fat” in the bodybuilding community, Ie skinny arms, legs, chest, but a bit of fat on the belly.

He has even joked hi m self about how hard he had to work to get in to shape for his role as Wolverine in the X-men. He’d never really lifted weights or taken it serious and said he was quite “nervous” to on take his new training routine.

What did his training look like? He did a three month pure bulking phase. During this phase he was using Testosterone and, of course, Tren. He could not use deca as he did not want to bloat and needed to keep any fat gains or water retention down to a bare minimum.

It’s realistic to expect Hugh Jackman’s steroid cycle to last for around 12 weeks. 8 weeks Tren 12 week Testosterone. During this he will have done a 5 day split training session hitting each body part twice per week and one day to hit any “lagging” muscles.

At his age, you have to admit he has a great body. It wouldn’t be possible to put on this type gains naturally if he was 23, let alone 20 years older when his natural testosterone and growth hormone levels will be lowering. In fact, realistically, he probably used a moderate dose of Human growth hormone daily to stay ripped and help keep the fat off.

After his bulking phase he will have then moved on to a “cutting phase.” Now he has the size, but he needs to get down to a low body fat, I’m talking 8 to 6% body fat to show off a ripped and defined look that most men can only dream of having, or women can dream of being with.

For his cutting phase he’d use testosterone and tren again, but would also throw in anavar. This helps with not only BURNING fat, but also adding lean muscle mass and keeping up his strength during the strict cutting phase and diet he’s now going through. The anavar would also help keep up his cardio vascular endurance that tren would down grade. Finally he would add in Clen to burn as much fat as humanly possible during this part of his training

He’d move away from traditional weight training to a 4 day split of weights. He’d focus on complexes. An example would be a bench press, squat, dead lift routine, he’d do all 3 exercises with a 30 second break between them. Reps would be in the 10 rep range and he’d perform 10×10. Another day he’d super set dips, lunges, and pull ups together. You get the idea.

At the end of this you get a HUGE body transformation as can be seen in the photos provided. He’s gone from skinny, to ridiculously masculine and the best he’s ever looked! It’s a pity it took him till his 40’s to look this way!

Until next time thanks for reading this article and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.
We plan to do plenty more like it. If you have any questions or require help comment below

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