Building arm muscle

So you want to know all about Building arm muscle mhm?

You’ve probably seen the other articles I’ve done where I’ve spoken in full depth about the importance of drop sets.

Or using post fatigue sets.

Or perhaps you read the one where I talked about the tremendous benefits to supersetting! Well either way that’s fine!

Let’s go and continue talking about Building arm muscle shall we?

We obviously need to accept no matter what we can always and should always strive to make the triceps bigger, the triceps are 75% of our arm muscle mass, so building these is essential if we want to have great big arms.

First off you should always focus on a heavy tricep movement if you want to build it bigger, and also honestly stop doing 3 sets of 8 or 3 sets of 12, try a 5 sets of 5 the extra weight you can lift and focus on making progress.

Do 5×5 on the tricep close grip bench until you can NOT add any more weight look at the size of those triceps now? Go back to a 5×10 routine, you’ll be lifting much more than when you was on the 3×8 it’s brilliant isn’t it huh?

So let’s continue to discuss and talk about Building arm muscle

Another hidden gem exercise is the super close grip pull up, simply bring your grip in as far as possible and begin “pulling up” this works the biceps much more and while it’s not for novices and beginners, it can allow an intermediate and even advanced lifter a way to add MUCH more to their routine and add muscle mass.

Another way to make this exercise harder and increase the rate you will be Building arm muscle is quite easy, simply bring with you TWO towels and wrap them around the bar at the top and begin pulling this will work your forearms MUCH more, and put much more effort into the biceps causing GREATER gains in muscle mass.

Finally, there is a product called fat gripz and these are fantastic

Basically you add them to your bar and they turn any bar into a FAT bar, the benefits of fat bar training are often overlooked despite the evidence supporting just how damn good they are but to put this straight.

I’ve seen guys add up to 1 and a half inches on their arms in as little as 6 weeks, just by adding these bad boys! Not too bad eh? Got your attention now as well don’t I, bottom line is ADD fatgripz to your training routine if you want to build the biggest, baddest arms possible.

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