How Do You Lose Weight In An Hour?

It’s that time again! The time where I read over some of the questions you’ve sent to me and I attempt to answer them! What makes this so exciting is I never check what is sent in, I just start typing out this article, and then I look at the first question and answer it so here goes!

Question number 1: How do you lose weight in an hour?

What…? I don’t understand this one, do you mean how can you LOSE Weight in an hour, or do you mean how can you burn as many calories as possible in an hour and cause an after-burn effect that leads you to burn calories throughout the next day and the day afterward? Yes. With HIIT training you can cause your metabolism to rise for 48 hours after.

But if you mean the first one I’ll answer now. You cannot lose any “fat” during this time that’s just idiotic, not possible and unrealistic, but ways to “lower weight” for purposes such as a bodybuilding competition, or to look more defined/ripped is possible. One of the ways would be to use a sauna to lose as much water as you possibly can to show off more definition, but again this is just water weight and the next time you drink it will all come flooding back on obviously.

But the second way is much more effective and better: Perform HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) to see ridiculous fat loss, see some lose 6-7lbs per week to start with. This type of training is extremely effective even if just done it 3-4 times per week to get you a lean ripped body so take notice.

Let’s move on to the next question: How do you lose weight in 19 days?

It depends on how obese you are. One way would be the following: remove carbs from your diet. Eat a high protein diet with 30 grams OR LESS carbs per day, and fats from only essential fatty acids, such as animal meats, virgin olive oil, and of course omega 3 fatty acids. Cut your calories by 1000. Do a weight-lifting routine 4 days per week focusing on the heavy compound lifts, and finally do HIIT training 4 days per week.

It’s realistic to lose up to 14lbs in those 19 days if you are not training and have just started now, even if you are training it’s realistic to lose a lot of fat and improve the way you look dramatically so try these basic tips out and you should succeed and do quite well

Next question: Do stretch marks appear when you gain or lose weight?

It depends on the time frame you put weight on or drop the weight. If you lose weight dramatically fast WITHOUT doing weight training and building muscle along with poor nutrition then you will get LOOSE SKIN, which is terrible and hard to deal with, do not do this. Always lose weight with high-quality weight training and an excellent eating plan.

Next, if you are gaining 4lbs of fat per week then yes you will get stretch marks, fortunately, there is a lot you can do to reduce these, such as coconut butter and other things you can do.

Again, basic advice, but still completely true.

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