How To Get Toned Up

Toning up. Two words that just don’t go together because the fact of the matter is, toning up just doesn’t exist! We hear this all the time when asking someone what their fitness goals are. The worst part of it is when we get emails saying “I’m want to buy some Clen, but I’m wondering, will it help me tone up??” Or “I’m thinking of trying some Winstrol, but I just want to know if it’ll make me look toned? I don’t want to be huge, I just wanna look toned! To put it as bluntly and clearly as possible, “toning up” quite simply, just doesn’t exist. If you gain muscle, or you lose fat– you can’t “tone” a muscle!

If I see or hear either of these phrases said again, let alone, if I’m e-mailed the same question again, I will scream and throw my head through the computer screen. There is literally no such thing as a toning exercise! ”Toning” is a silly, stupid, and dangerous term and, it’s not just an academic issue. It’s important to your success as a bodybuilder, whether you want to lose weight, gain mass, improve health and or fitness. The problem is that “toning” has no exact meaning, and it just doesn’t make sense. This is the reason why you won’t ever see anyone with a desirable body say, “I just train to get toned.” If you have a personal trainer and you tell him that you want to get a “toned body,” you are setting yourself up for failure. What is he or she supposed to think? If you said to me you wanted a toned body, I’d look at you and say, “So, you want to drop that 40lbs of fat off the stomach?” Or “Do you want to stop looking like a twig and put on 40lbs?”

Do you need to do a bit of both? Skinny fat? To lose this, you could do with losing 10lbs and putting on 10lbs of muscle. This is the nearest thing to “toning” there is. When you ask someone who claims to be “toning” what it is they are actually trying to achieve, most of the time they say that they just want their muscles to look harder. Well, have I got news for you! The way to make your muscles look “harder” is to continue lifting weights, but just as important, you need to do some cardio and dieting to remove that layer of fat under the skin, and to do this requires cardio and reduced caloric intake, along with a good weight lifting routine.

  • Resistance training: Makes muscles stronger and bigger.
  • Cardio and diet: Makes you leaner, more defined, and harder (by removing squishy and unattractive fat)

If you don’t know exactly what you are trying to achieve, how the hell can you ever achieve it!? You will never achieve it. If you can’t measure what it is you are trying to achieve, gain, or want in life, then you will never get it. How could you? If by toning you mean that you want to get a little stronger and a little leaner, then lift some weights and do a little cardio. I hope this has helped you all. And if you are struggling to “cut” fat, I’d recommend taking some Clen.

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If you are wanting to stay lean and put on some muscle, how about trying some Anavar? Your strength will skyrocket and your muscles will look as hard as humanly possible!

Anvarol (Anavar)

Want to lose fat and put on muscle? How about Clen and Winstrol together? Get the ripped body of your dreams!

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