Does boxing build muscle

A common question we receive on here every day is the one I’m discussing in this article does boxing build muscle.

This always makes me laugh because I don’t know a single person who has thought to themselves logically “I want to build muscle so I’ll go out and do boxing”

I know guys and girls who do boxing for self-defence purposes and to build confidence.

I know Guys and girls who train in the sport simply for fun and I know others who love it so much they wish to compete and make a hell of a lot of money out of it.

Whatever the reason is I wouldn’t ever put “Muscle building” as part of a boxers training. Don’t get me wrong you will BUILD some muscle mass, but nothing compared to a bodybuilder.

Remember a lot of your time will be spent on cardio vascular exercises to increase your stamina and endurance.

You will be doing weight training in a more “high rep” range and of course there are weight classes you need to stick too!

All of these things are anti catabolic.

Now let’s talk about the true benefits of boxing

1 it will increase your ability to defend yourself in real life situations, being able to Jab, Cross, Lead hook, rear hook, switching between hooks, upper cuts, jabs, over hand rights, and the ability to go from the body to the head while moving is something most people will lack and it will teach you when to strike and how to move correctly while blocking.

A great sport for self defence.

Second it is great for building up your speed and endurance and keeping you fit, if you follow a healthy diet you will stay lean while holding “some muscle” how much muscle is dependant, I always have athletes involved in boxing doing weight training, however the weight training is prioritized to IMPROVE their sports performance and boxing skills not build muscle.

Usually we do 3 full body workouts per week that looks a bit similar to this.


Everything is done in a circuit

day 1

Squats 10 reps

30 second break

Pull ups 10 reps

30 second break

Bench press 10 reps

Day 3

Deadlift 10 reps

30 second break

Bent over rows 10 reps

30 second break

Push presses 10 reps

Day 5

Power cleans 10 reps

30 second break

Chin ups 10 reps

30 second break explosive push ups with a weighted vest

Again this is just a basic one we do. This is usually done for 10 sets of 10, IE you do the exercises 10 times for 10 reps, and usually we do it for 3 weeks before moving onto another one.

It is great for building up strength, speed, and endurance in a boxer in the closing stages to his competition while also allowing him to cut some fat dramatically.

Again it will leave you ripped and lean, but don’t expect to look like Arnold!

Day 1-2-3-4-5-6 Would also have full BOXING training, such as technique training, pad work, and other fitness work so you get an idea of how much time and cardio is involved in the sport of boxing

This is why the question does boxing build muscle is idiotic to me. I just wanted to point out a few basic tips and advice on the subject for you all.

Until next time thank you for reading and be sure to join us in comments below!

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