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Equipoise was patterned to Dianabol although its 17th carbon was removed. Originally, the purpose of the researchers was to create an injectable form of Dianabol, but what happened was they developed a new kind of anabolic androgenic steroid, Equipoise. This compound is a testosterone derivative and possesses a double bond between the 1st and 2nd carbon atoms. Since Equipoise has double bonds, it exhibits a mild androgen property. This double bond attribute of Equipoise makes it difficult to bind with the androgen receptor producing a much lesser anabolic effects as the other steroid.

Although this drug promotes less anabolic effects, it compensates to this weakness by producing high caliber muscle tissues. Equipoise has the ability to convert to estrogen at a minimal extent, especially if administered a recommended dose. Because there will be a minimal effect of estrogen, so water retention and deposition of unwanted fats will not be prominent. It is known fact that estrogen allows water and fats in the muscle fibers, so if there is none or minimal water and fats deposits in the body, muscles become tighter and firmer. This property is an advantage for bodybuilders and athletes since they can expect a harder, more solid and more defined body muscles.

Equipoise also enhances the strength and prolongs the endurance of the body because it stimulates the process of oxygenation and red blood cells production in the body. The red blood cells or hemoglobin plays a vital role in supplying adequate amount of oxygen to the various parts of the body. If the body gets enough oxygen, it can produce more adenosine triphosphate which is the main source of energy of cells. This adenosine triphosphate molecule is responsible for controlling the production and storage of lactic acid that causes muscle cramps and pain. Hence, if there is no lactic acid in the cells, the muscle tissues can withstand strenuous physical activities.

This steroid is claimed to stimulate one’s appetite, so an increase body weight is expected. Aside from this, Equipoise can cause several side effects to men such as low testosterone production, erectile dysfunction, problems in spermatogenesis and decreased libido. These effects, nevertheless, are controllable by testosterone stimulants.

Equipoise is characterized as a slow-acting steroid but has a long-lasting effect. It is injected through the muscles once a week at a recommended dose of 400mg to 600mg. In using Equipoise, dosage must not exceed 600mg. because it may result to diminishing returns.

This anabolic androgenic steroid is a regulated drug by the Controlled Substance Act. This means, you can only purchase this steroid legally from a drugstore, if you can present a prescription from a doctor. Otherwise, you can be legally sanctioned. Some local gyms also sell Equipoise, but the transaction is usually done underground or in an illicit way, so it is a bit risky. The best way to purchase Equipoise is through online shops because you can buy easily, even without a prescription. Your transactions are conveniently and privately done in your house.

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