Steroid Profile: Dianabol
Chemical Name:
Methandrostenelone/ Methandienone

Street Name:
D-Bol, Pinks, Thais

Clinical Use:

Dianabol is another early arrival in the anabolic steroid market, the first arrival in fact. It is the undisputed oldest steroid known to man. Developed in 1956, and first distributed in 1960, D-bol was created to enhance athletic performance and protein uptake in athletes (These guys had the right idea!). But it was pulled off the market in the human form because of its potential for abuse and because it had no real clear clinical applications that could justify it being produced. Actually, it was being used to stimulate protein synthesis in women and children and was turning them all into Ronnie Coleman (Just kidding).

Bodybuilding Use:

You know why people use D-bol? D-bol pretty much guarantees that you’ll have between a 2 and 4 pound weight gain, per week, in the first 6-8 weeks of use! Not a bad guarantee. I’ve purchased floor wax and women with less assurance that they’d be worth a damn, so D-bol is a good bet in any camp. But the problem is, D-bol is one of those 17-alpha-alkylated steroids that is toxic to the liver. Most orals are in this class, and while they are effective, they are pretty toxic to the entire system. That’s why a lot of people only take D-bol prior to a competition. And while most bodybuilders don’t associate D-bol with a super pre-contest drug, it’s really a great one! Overall, D-bol is great for both size and strength gains.

I got someone ready for a competition on D-bol about 5 years ago. The dude couldn’t get anything else and was kind of out of the loop in terms of acquiring drugs. So, I said, let’s see what we can do with just D-bol. I told him to take about 4 a day, knowing he’d take 6, which was just about what I wanted him to do. He was getting so damn hard it was amazing even me! At his competition, fellow competitors were asking him backstage what he was taking and he was answering honestly. They all thought he was messing around and refused to believe him. He had ripped glutes and was striated like a damn zebra all over. And while he was a good dieter, and that was part of the reason for his condition, he was still VERY hard and VERY ripped and that’s something natural guys just don’t get. My conclusion? D-bol ROCKS!

Recommended Dose:

Dose. Well, I just told you what I think, but I think this is the case for the first 4 weeks or so. Go up in dose quickly and steadily and try to hover around 6 to 8 tabs daily, regardless if you’re taking other stuff too. I say this because of a general philosophy I have about steroid use and how to configure a stack: I believe in getting in quick, hitting it hard, and getting out once the job is done. It’s a lot like my sexual philosophy and both make good sense. Why not give it all you have, and then move on to something else once you’re done? It makes no sense to linger on one thing when the best part of what it can do has already been satisfied. Get in there, take the maximum amount you can from it, and get off of it relatively quickly because to stay on it would mean you’d be exposing yourself to long-term toxicity. Sorry for the analogy ladies, but if you’re reading these profiles, I kind of wonder if you’re my type of woman anyway!

Back to dose: Tabs are 5 mg each? I recommend taking 40mg per day to get the job done. When you get to 40 mg, don’t add any more D-bol (you have plenty there), but increase other drugs you’re taking, to complement the D-bol. Any more than 40mg is overkill, an economic waste and isn’t too good for your health. And truthfully, when you find good Russian “D”, you don’t even need 40mg (though I have recommended it in some cases when I was completely in tune with the guys cycle). That isn’t an idle warning, actually. You truly shouldn’t really ever go over 40mg. But if you are at 40 mg, you should be hitting the weights as hard as you can, eating like an animal and expect to start descending that amount fairly soon.

Side Effects:

Like I said, D-bol is very toxic, there’s no question about that. But if you use the theory above, you’re not likely to experience the worst of side effects and damage. Remember, quick in, hit hard, quick out. It goes without saying that anytime you’re hitting ‘roids hard and fast, you should always get blood work done to check out your liver enzymes, and other readings. This isn’t because I’m into being Dr. Friendly, and steering you clear of extreme, ambitious drug taking, it’s only because it gives you a good meter of what you’re actually wasting and how to make your stack less toxic and more effective, based on the information given. But if you take D-bol long enough and hard enough, and don’t heed the 6 week guideline with this drug, you’re going to experience some of the following:

Aromatization is one of the biggest undesirables. But unlike some of the other yo-yo’s who write about ‘roids, I personally don’t think it should stop you from taking it pre-contest. I’m telling you, this is one of the biggest myths going, and I hate it when it’s perpetuated! It’s a DAMN GOOD pre-contest drug, and unless you’ve seen someone use it first hand, by itself or with some Deca and Anavar or Winstrol-V, you won’t know how good it truly is. Aromatization isn’t an issue when you take Nolvadex in high enough quantities and at the correct times, so why shouldn’t you use D-bol in combination with other more notable pre-contest drugs? A lot of people say that D-bol causes too much water retention, but in fact, that can be eradicated by diet and drinking enough fluid throughout the day so that retention isn’t likely.

Price and Availability:

This is a relatively easy drug to get. There are so many countries that manufacture it; it’s hard not to find it. The trick is, to find good stuff. And, as you have probably gathered by now, I really think it’s a great staple drug to stockpile in a shoebox in your closet. You can use it both on and off season. The only problem is, the price varies so much (as does the quality) that I think it’s difficult to get a handle on value and effectiveness. Expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $420 for 100 5mg tabs. Believe me, I’ve seen it all. The high end is nearly as much as a growth hormone bill! Of course, you’re an idiot for paying anywhere close to $400 for 100 tabs, but that’s another story. No lie, I just saw it online for $420!! It’s available all day long, but what you’re willing to pay to ensure that it’s authentic is another story. Then again, I saw it online for $60 for 100 tabs at a different website, where you can also get it in quantities of 1000 tabs for as much as you’d pay these other jokers for 100! Try 1000 for $550! Not bad.


Like Deca, D-bol has its pro-hormone equivalents too. In fact, this is the kind of drug everyone would like to replicate but rarely does. But I actually do think that there are some really good pro-hormone products out there right now. Look for 4-androstendiol to give you the relatively same result, with about 1/10th the punch. Add to that creatine and a good diet that’s high in protein and fats, but is low in carbs, and you’ll get a lot out of it.


Here again, there are a lot of fakes of D-bol circulating out there. A lot of the Russian stuff used to be fake in the 90’s. Then again, a lot of it used to be real and wickedly potent too! I knew a lot of people who were popped bringing Russian stuff into this country back in the early 90’s. Mostly, if D-bol is fake it’s going to be fake with nothing redeeming in it, or a cheap methyl-testosterone.

If you’re crazy enough to “test out” any drug for authenticity and biological activity within your body, make sure it’s not pre-contest. Because even though I recommend this drug for most of a contest prep cycle, I don’t think I’d recommend messing with it unless you knew for a fact that it is what your dealer claims!

Effectiveness Rating:

Once again, like Deca, I think D-bol is one of those ‘staples’ everyone must have stashed in that closet shoebox. Keep a constant supply going if you find one batch that works for you well, too. No sense in having to go seek out just another unknown quantity. My rating? A 10 out of 10 for overall effectiveness and magic! An 8 out of 10 if you account for the kind of acne it can cause to those predisposed.

New Developments

D-bol is now available in paper form on the black market. It is technically a “designer” drug so keep that in mind if you come across some. With designer drug makers, although their intentions are typically good, quality control isn’t usually high on their list. I have seen a batch of paper products test out pretty poorly. However, to be fair, I have also heard rumors that this was the result of just one batch and that the makers have cleaned up their act lately. I have yet to see the test results on later batches to confirm that rumor. Other new developments include a 10mg pill by Denkall and Ttokkyo and a 25mg pill by Loeffler.

Final Smack on Dianabol…

This is a great drug for size and strength. No question about it. However, it’s not a good drug to do during a heavy carb phase. I think that’s why people get bad acne with D-bol, they’re eating indiscriminately and like CRAP! Trust me, if you weren’t eating carbs, but were eating tons of creatine-packed protein (steak) and fats, in place of all the starch, you’d likely NOT get acne, bloat or anything else. This is also something no one else mentions and it’s a damn crime they don’t. Try it next time. The most successful guys I’ve trained do at least 3 off-season cycles per year that include D-bol. Make then a traditional 6-week duration and hit it hard for a short period of time! This is where you’ll get the most out of this drug.

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