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Badass body Life, also known as Christmas Abbott, is an American CrossFit professional athlete. She is the author of her own diet book, an Olympic weightlifter and a fitness model. Christmas Abbott was the first woman to join a NASCAR pit crew.

Parents and early life
Christmas Joye Abbott, also known as Christmas Abbott, was born in Lynchburg (Virginia), USA on December 20, 1981. She is currently 39 years of age. She currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her mother named her Christmas Joye because she was born five days prior to Christmas. Her son Loyal Atticus Abbot was also born to her and Benjamin Bunn, on October 18, 2018. Sagittarius is her zodiac sign.

Her father, Ed Abbott, was an avid cyclist and gave her her love of tattoos. Barbara Abbott, her mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Barbara was an inspiration to all of her daughters and other women throughout her chemotherapy. At the age of 13, she was involved in a terrible car accident. Kole Abbott, her sister was seriously injured and fell into a coma. She began to smoke and drink a lot after the incident. She continued this behavior for 10 years until she was 22.

As a civilian contractor, she followed her mother, an American Army Veteran, to Iraq at the age of 22. She discovered CrossFit during her four-year stay in Iraq. At 22 she joined her mother as an Iraqi contractor. She began to learn about healthy living and quit smoking. Soon she switched to healthy eating and exercise. She graduated from high school. She doesn’t have any additional educational qualifications.

Christmas attempted to join the Army at 18 years old after graduating from high school. She was rejected by them and also admitted that she was in very poor health. She joined the US military base in Iraq at 22 as a civilian laundry attendant. It was then that she understood the importance of human life and realized how much she was wasting her life. She quit smoking and began a disciplined and strict fitness regimen. A fellow soldier gave her a video showing CrossFit women taking on difficult challenges. She began to achieve one milestone after another until she reached the end of the CrossFit Challenge.

After four years spent in Iraq, she came back to the USA and opened her own CrossFit coaching school in Raleigh. She also has a gun tattooed to her hip “to remember the time she spent fighting in Iraq”. In 2010, she opened CrossFit Evoke, and focused on creating her own brand. She was also the first woman to join a NASCAR pit crew in 2013. In 2014, she opened a CrossFit-focused Christmas Abbott CrossFit class. She was third in Big Brother 19’s 2017 contest.

In the second episode, she broke her foot. There were 10 broken bones and four dislocated bones. A ligament was also broken. She had to have a donor bone placed in her foot and doctors told her she wouldn’t regain her full mobility. This effectively ended her CrossFit competitive career. With her attractive physique, she has appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated as well Harper Collins. Her physique attracted so much attention that she decided to write her book, “The Badass Body Diet”.

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Abbott published her first book in May 2015. It was called The Badass Body Diet. She decided to publish another book after her first book was so popular that it became a National Best Selling Author. Her second book, The Badass Life, was published on May 23, 2017. The Badass Life is her month-long program that will help you feel more self-worth and have a better quality of your life. Through fun and challenging daily tasks, it encourages you to change your habits.

For a time, she worked as a tire changer for NASCAR. She decided later that the work was too time-consuming and tedious. She was thirty years old, which is the average age when most people experience health problems. She had to leave, even though she loved the show. Other TV and movie roles include Overtown, The Operator: Warfare and Tattoo Titans. This is a remarkable feat considering it is a male-only profession. She is also an Oxygen Magazine Trainer Challenge Chief Trainer and an online fitness coach.

Her personal best lifts include deadlifting 225 lbs (1116 kg), clean and jerk 170lbs (77kg), back squat 215 lbs (102 kg), snatch 140lbs (64 kg) and pull-ups 35.

Awards and Net Worth
CrossFit was her success, so she decided to try competitive Olympic Weightlifting. She was eventually ranked at the American Open as an Olympic weightlifter. She became a Crossfit gym owner, and an athlete. In addition to becoming the first female member of NASCAR’s pit crew, She was also a CrossFit Games regional qualifier in 2012 and 2013, as part of CrossFit Invoke’s team competition.

Christmas earned most of her wealth from being a member of a NASCAR pit crew, her gym, selling supplements on her website (, selling her books (especially on Amazon), and sponsored posts on her Instagram account. She is estimated to have a net worth of $0.7million.

She was engaged to Josh Holmes, a photographer in 2014. Later, they split. Geoff Kercher proposed to Abbott on October 10, 2015. They had planned a September 3rd wedding. They also split. She began to date Benjamin Bunn in October 2017. He was a former Paratrooper and is the owner of CrossFit. Bunn and Abbott met for the first time at a charity event in 2016. Bunn, her boyfriend, announced that she was expecting their first child together on the 15th of March 2018. Their son was born in October 2018. Bunn is also the father to Christmas’s son.

Caption: Christmas Abbott poses with Loyal Atticus, her adorable son. (Source: Instagram)

Bunn had cheated on Bunn and the couple split. In November 2018, Bunn cheated on her and she was charged with felony criminal mischief. On November 7, 2018, she was eight months pregnant and was stopped by police for repeatedly driving into Bunn’s vehicle, a Mercedes SUV at Cigar City CrossFit in Tampa, Florida. She was charged with criminal mischief exceeding $1,000, a third-degree felony, and she was spared jail. In August 2018, she was also arrested by police for attacking Benjamin’s woman affair.

Christmas Abbott is approximately 60 kg and stands 5’3inches tall (1.6m). Her beauty is enhanced by her beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. She is 34B-25-36. She has 680k Instagram followers (@christmasabott) and 69.4k Twitter followers (@christmasabott). 733k people follow her Facebook page, Christmas Abbott. She also has a private YouTube channel, Christmas Abbott, with 14.3k subscribers.

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