Buy Oral Winstrol: Why Winny Is the Steroid You Need

Winstrol, also known as Winny by most athletes, is an exceptional anabolic drug. Stanozolol is the product’s active substance. Stanozolol was first sold under Winstrol. It is now the most beloved brand. Stanozolol (orally active steroid) is administered as an injection.

Some people consider injectable Winstrol stronger than oral Winstrol. However, this opinion is mostly based on anecdotal experience. Thus, oral Winstrol is the most widely used version. It can be taken as tablets rather than injected.

What Is Oral Winstrol and How Does It Work?

Oral Winstrol (Stanozolol), a powerful androgenic anabolic steroid, has a ratio of 320/30. Because it is dihydrotestosterone-derived, it cannot aromatize in estrogen. The compound is capable of transforming your body to make it lean and muscular.

Winny has a remarkable ability to grow lean muscle mass and lose body fat even while you’re sleeping. Winstrol is unique because of its unique structural changes. This makes it a unique fat-loss compound with excellent cutting abilities. Oral Winstrol is a well-known and widely-used steroid.

Oral Winstrol – Why?

Winstrol may be used intramuscularly, but oral Winstrol is more commonly taken in pills. This C17-alpha-alkylated steroid is responsible for protecting Stanozolol’s integrity when it enters the liver. Because of this, the compound’s bioavailability is high when it enters your bloodstream.

The liver can destroy the steroid by not using alkylation. It is the reason many injectable steroids such as Nandrolones, Boldenone, etc. are available. They cannot be used as oral tablets.

Oral Winstrol Dosage (and Cycle)

Oral Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, has a half time of about 9 hours. This is a significant difference from injectable Stanozolol which can last for 24 hours. This means that your daily total dose should be broken into 2-3 smaller dosages. To illustrate, 30 mg should be divided into 15 mg morning and 15 in the evening. To maintain your blood levels, you could take 10 mg each morning, noon and evening.

Oral Winstrol tablet dosages for women are typically between 5 and 20mg per day. However, they rarely require more than 15 mg daily. Side effects may be more common if the daily intake is greater than 20 mg, which can lead to side effects.

Oral Winstrol tablets are usually used by men at doses between 30-40 mg per day. They should not exceed 100mg because this will increase the risk of side effects. For beginners, however, you can start with 30mg. The maximum oral Winstrol dose for most people is 50mg per day.

Oral Winstrol Cycles

Winny can also be used for cutting cycles in many situations. Although Dianabol is occasionally used to bulk out Winny, it’s very rare. Oral Winstrol with Testosterone makes up the common cycle. Beginners take 30mg of Winny daily and 350mg a week of Testosterone (any ester).

Common cycles for professionals include 10 weeks Testosterone 500mg/week, 600 mg/week Primobolan injectable, and the first 6 weeks or last 6 weeks of Winstrol. Oral Winstrol only cycle: 6 weeks with Winstrol, Stanozolol (50 mg), and Anavar (Oxandrolone 30 mg) each day.

After each cycle of each anabolic drug steroid (including Winstrol), it’s necessary to create a PCT strategy. It is highly recommended to use liver protective products and cycle support supplements for oral Winstrol.

Oral Winstrol Side Effects

Hepatotoxicity is a side affect of oral Winstrol. This is, in fact, the biggest problem associated with this steroid. Another problem is testosterone suppression. It’s a common issue with all anabolic steroids.

Other oral side effects of Winstrol include the following:

* Acne
* Aggression
* Bad skin condition
* Hair loss
* Dry and sore joints
* Nausea

There are risks for women to be virilized or mammunized while running Winny.

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