Building lean muscle mass

So we today we are talking about Building lean muscle mass

Yes, we don’t mean bulking in the traditional sense (though you’ll still need to bulk) but you want to keep lean, while adding some muscle mass.

First off we need to be honest are you using anabolic steroids? If you are the following ones will be of interest.

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Turinabol (also known as t-bol)


With those and an 8 week cycle, if you simply just increase your calories by 300 every other week, you should see steady gains of 5lbs of lean muscle mass with around 5lbs of fat loss (this will give you quite a big dramatic transformation) and will look more like 12lbs of muscle gain due to the fat loss also generated, your strength will go up dramatically, 30lbs+ on the bench press is common.

Building lean muscle mass

If you are going the longer injectable route or wish to use both take, Testosterone enthanate, and of course either of the orals.

You should see over the course of 12 weeks, muscle gains of 12lbs with fat loss of 6-7lbs. you follow the same pattern.

Now, your diet needs to be in check, low to medium carbs maximum, NO fast acting carbs under any circumstances should really be part of your diet.

Mixed berries, fruit, and vegetables, should make up at least 80% of your carbohydrate intake.

Your protein sources coming from chicken breasts, tuna, salmon etc, are all essential.

Now it doesn’t matter if you are using anabolic steroids or training natural the rules still apply all the same to the following.

You want to cut down your break times, breaks of 1 minute are perfect for staying lean, if you are doing everything else correctly you’ll still go up in weight which will keep the “intensity” levels high.

Your training sessions probably won’t last much longer than 30 minutes due to the intensity but that’s great.

Our goal is Building lean muscle mass not bulking. We don’t want to build 20-30lbs, we want to stay lean and build as much as we can so we stick to these rules as closely as we can.

Building lean muscle mass

Another essential part would be to focus HEAVILY on the correct ways of training. What are these? Heavy compound lifts.



Bench press

Incline bench press

Sumo deadlifts

Stiff leg deadlifts

Front squats

Pull ups

Chin ups

Over head press

These exercise burn the most amount of calories and are the biggest “bang” for your buck exercises out there.

Make sure you USE them often and correctly!

Until next time thanks for reading this article Building lean muscle mass and be sure to comment directly below, we are always here to help and provide as much useful information as possible!

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