Androstenedione And Derivitives As Dietary Supplements

Androstenedione is actually a steroid hormone. It exists in both males and females in the adrenal gland. It is can be converted into testosterone or estrogen. Originally, Androstenedione was manufactured as a dietary supplement, and readily available over the counter up until 2005, in the United States. In fact, it was on that date that it was labeled an anabolic steroid, making it illegal. There are many forms of andro on the market including M1T, Superdrol, Halodrol, hdrol, mdrol, epistane and many others.

The problem with that lies in the fact that there is really not much evidence that supports the original andro as being an anabolic steroid. However, the FDA and DEA continues to ban it, claiming that it is linked to significant health risks, similar to those of other steroids. It is only when used in higher doses that it has a positive effect on muscle strength and size, as well as on body fat levels.

It became extremely popular thanks to Mark McGwire. It was available and was very popular among baseball league players in the 90s. It continued be used even though The Anti-Doping Agency, among other associations have banned it. Now, it is a federal crime to possess such a substance in the United States. Although it is a supplement that is made from a naturally occurring steroid hormone, it is considered dangerous, having an anabolic effect because of the results when taken in large doses.

Many argue that it isn’t actually an anabolic steroid. Their argument lies in the fact that it is made from the pollen of the Scotch pine trees. But, seeing as it has been banned in North America, people are scattering around looking for other solutions that will give them similar results. There certainly exists some on both the gray market and legal channels.

Current gray market steroids are:

  • hdrol
  • mdrol
  • epistane
  • halodrol 50
  • dymethazine
  • Superdrol

Once Legal Steroids That Are Now Illegal:

  • m1t
  • pheraplex
  • p-plex
  • 1,4 androstadienedione
  • tren xtreme
  • xtren
  • 4-Androstenediol

Still Legal Prohormones:

  • 1-Androsterone
  • 4-Androsterone
  • 19NorAndrosterone
  • 3beta-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one
  • epiandrosterone

The whole point of using such supplements is to help muscles develop quicker. They are the tools in the building block, and are not meant to be used in place of a real workout and a real exercise routine. In addition to that, they help muscles to recover and rebuild quicker, providing accelerated results to any user. Androstenedione and its derivatives collectively known as Andro for short has extremely powerful effects on athletic performance. So, when taken orally, the result is lean muscle mass and increased levels of testosterone. The people who find type of supplementation in the most beneficial are those who are interested in weight training, strength training, and bodybuilding.

The fact is, everyone who is looking to achieve some fitness goals is looking for that edge that can help them right through so that their dreams are realized. There is nothing wrong with supplementing, so long as the product is safe and will not cause any harm to your physical being. Each legal, illegal or gray market steroid on the market should be researched so you can make an informed choice. Men should always be over 21 before using any steroid product and women should never use them.

But, even if this has been banned, there are other products available that can offer similar results like the ones mentioned previously. It is best that you identify your goals, determine the way in which you want to achieve them, and then do the necessary research. Your research should be thorough and your findings must be in keeping with your beliefs. In addition to some products being able to cause certain harm to you, others may be useless in every way, causing you to throw your money away.

There are industries that are huge, and bodybuilding and fitness is one of those. Because of that, many companies choose to manipulate individuals into buying certain products, promising the moon and the stars, but never delivering. Therefore, you should proceed with caution and ascertained that these products are clinically proven to work before you spend your money on them.

For various and obvious reasons, it is not recommended for women to take. For instance, because of the levels of testosterone, it can result in facial hair and lowering of the voice can result, sounding much like that of a man’s. It can also promote acne, increase the risk of breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Additionally, it can cause abnormal menstruation, abnormal bleeding, blood clots, and enlargement of the clitoris.

And finally, if you are going to use any product, insure that it is a legal one so that there are no laws broken. But that’s not all! When you do use a product, use it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Exceeding dosage can result in negative results that can have harmful effects on your health, perhaps not now, what in the future. Be wise in your choices with regards to products, but also with your actions, in the way in which you use them as well. Also, you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan and stay away from other drugs and alcohol.

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